Sunday 14 October 2012

Sailor Mouth Swap

Good things come to those who wait...   I love that phrase - and it is true too!

A little while ago I participated in the Sailor Mouth Swap.  It was so much fun seeing the things people were making for their secret partner pop up in the Flickr group.  Oh the words!  Oh my goodness!  Some of the words that were lovingly embroidered or sewn into pretty things - whoa [blushing just thinking about them] - I was shocked and somewhat horrified but completely amused all at the same time! 

Things coming from the USA take an age to make their way across the pond so when I received a box in the post (a couple of weeks ago now - sorry for the delay in writing this blog post!!) I had to think what it could be.  

I was at work when I received it so I immediately opened it and unwrapped the contents and squealed with delight when I saw what it was!  It was my Sailor Mouth Swap parcel!  Inside was the most amazing 'Jane Market Tote' from Nicke of  Kiss Kiss Quilts.  She used some of my favourite Lizzy House prints and fabrics in my favourite colours!  This tote bag is very sturdy and roomy inside and has two really deep outer pockets which are perfect for my new phone and my set of keys - easy to reach but secure in a nice deep-won't-fall-out pocket.  

Nicke also made me a really cool pin cushion.  It feels like a bean bag and has yummy frayed edges (I love frayed edges!!). 

She also sent me some green and red Summersville fabric which I love!  Nicke did a great job of stalking me as she sent me the most perfect swap package ever!
In her note she said she didn't go too filthy with the words and though I am married to a sailor [therefore I have heard my fair share of BAAAAAD words], I think that what she embroidered on the bag is perfect for me as I don't actually swear a lot.  "Nagging Machine", as described in the book Jackspeak - A Guide to British Naval Slang and Usage by Rick Jolly and Tugg is a nickname for 'the missus', but obviously the phrase describes me to a tee!  I am just that! 

This swap group was a lot of fun to be in and some of the things sent and received were soooo naughty they would have made a sailor blush I'm sure.  Check out the Flickr group photos for some of the filthy and colourful language used on pretty things like pillows and pouches!  Too funny.  And oh so naughty!  Round 2 is coming soon so be sure to be in it - you will giggle [and blush] for sure!

Thank you Nicke - you are a star!!!


Jo Jo said...

HI Amy! Lovely bag and I have signed myself up for round 2 of this very entertaining swap, so I have my fingers crossed that I get to participate next time!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lovely bag.. I can see why you squealed with delight :-)

Cherie said...

Such a fun bag the colours are so pretty =D

Kelly said...

That bag is fantastic - but how could you have blushed at the bad words when you spend a day a month with me and Charlotte!? ;-)

**nicke... said...

i am so happy you love it! SO SO HAPPY! xoxo