Friday 28 February 2014

Challenge 4 Art - SPACE

The fourth theme of our Challenge 4 Art project is SPACE.  When I chose this theme for our group several months ago, I had a definite plan of how I would interpret it.  My plan was to make teenie-tiny stars and sew them in the shape of the Big Dipper.  However, over the past couple of weeks my idea changed and I decided to go a bit more abstract and depict what can be seen FROM space instead of what is seen IN space.  A different perspective!

These are crop circles - circles of irrigated land in the desert.  I'm pretty sure that the images that come to mind when you hear the words 'crop circles' are those made by aliens in wheat fields and not actual crops growing in circular patches, so I have added an image from the Internet that I printed to use as my inspiration so you can see what I mean.

I used some of my precious Oakshott fabrics and two different shades of linen to make my SPACE wall hanging.  Two different colours of Aurifil thread plus invisible thread were used to stitch the raw-edge applique circles down after I ironed them secure using some Wunder-under.  Some of the circles are outlined in thread and they all have stitching on the circles themselves.  Here are a few of the process pictures with the first image showing the jam jar lid I used to create my circles!

I think by now most people know I love green so seeing the irrigated crop circle images on the Internet really did inspire me.  Crop circles are quite beautiful, especially those found in desert areas as the pattern they create as a whole is quite graphic.  They also provide colour in an otherwise bland, neutral, barren and sandy area.  Here are two links of similar crop circles if you'd like to see more: click here or here.

And finally, one more image for you to see my SPACE mini alongside my GROWTH mini.  Yes, I love green!

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Friday 21 February 2014


Well done to Sunset Quilting for winning the draw!

Welcome to TGIFF.  I am so thrilled to be hosting again and that you have stopped in!

My finish this week is the Jane Market Bag that I have had on my to-do list forever.  This bag has been cut out since Christmas, waiting for me to sew up.  Why did I procrastinate for so long?  Who knows but I do know that this is a wonderfully written pattern and a breeze to sew up - even those pin tucks!  This is my ALYOF February Goal so I am super happy to have it completed - finally!

Sorry for the indoor-night-time photo.  That green is much much better in person - not so yellow as it is on my screen.  The fabric is something from my stash and a bit 'girly' for me so I have always known that it would one day be made into a gift for someone special.  Re-usable cloth bags are great gifts and help save money in the long run as many shops are now charging for each plastic grocery bag you use.

As I don't have any of my own labels at the moment, I added some 'hand made with love' ribbon.  You can just see it on the outside pocket in the picture above and a detail picture of it below. 

There is a super deep pocket on each side so you can store coupons or whatever you desire!  This tote holds a lot of stuff and can hold a lot of weight too.  Here it is with a 3 kg bag of dog food and there is still room for more stuff!

How about you - what have you finished recently?  Incentive: every person who links up a finish here this week will be entered into my draw to win FIVE Red Rooster fat quarters and a handmade thumb pincushion with pins.  Winner will be announced on this post and emailed early next week.  Open internationally.

Please only link up finishes and posts that link back to the TGIFF party so your readers can find us and link up too.  If there is no link back to the party, you will not be entered into the draw.  Please be kind and visit the link to your left and to your right and say hello to some fellow linkers!

Good luck and thank you for sharing a finished project!  
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Thursday 20 February 2014

Fabriholics Anonymous - February update

As you know, I have decided to get serious about my fabric hoarding stashing habits.  I joined a group of other fabriholics and we are all trying to resist delicious, scrumptious, yummy, amazing, drool-worthy fabric for 6 months.  Stop laughing - we are serious!! 

How did I do in month two/February?

Well....  my stash club fabrics arrived which were yummy (this month was GREEN and you KNOW I LOVE green) but I was allowed to have them [said in a whiny voice] as I had already committed to the club before I started my 'fabric fast'.

Photo by The Village Haberdashery

However, I must confess that because this month was GREEN fabric, I added the option of an additional 6 organic fq's to my pre-order of 10.  Greedy I know!!!  But, in my defense, you will be proud of me that in 2014 I have given away 16 fat quarters so my  fabric pile stash has not grown!  16 in and 16 out.  Not too bad!  Oh and I have sewn some things using stash too - and scraps.

Photo from The Village Haberdashery

So, in summary, I would say that being an addict means you can come up with any logic to suit.  Therefore, in month two/February I have been a good girl!  All those in favour say AYE.

How did you do this month?

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Friday fun

Guess what?  I am hosting TGIFF this Friday!  

I will have a finish to share with you - yay!  

Also, everyone who links up on my post on Friday will be entered into a giveaway draw.  Be sure to come back and link up with me to 
celebrate Thank Goodness it's Finished Friday!

Happy sewing!

Sunday 16 February 2014

DQS 14 ~ sent and received

It is no secret that I love to swap.  I've lost track of how many swaps I've been in but one of my favourites has been the Doll Quilt Swap.  Round 14 just finished and I am excited to finally show you what I sent and what I received.

My partner (Coser Tejer Crear) said she loved Heather Ross so I decided to make her a couple of Quiet Play houses with some Heather Ross fussy cuts in the windows!

Low volume and text fabrics with the fabric colours I love all made this mini one of my favourites to sew!

I added some hand stitching on the tree, the door and the door knob and some dense machine stitches for the sky.  I used several colours of thread just to add some extra interest.

I struggled to know what to sew for her because I couldn't find her inspiration mosaic but I think she liked it!  I'm sure the little girl, mouse and cat are happy to be at her home now!

And look what I received!  A gorgeous aqua Great Granny mini!  My partner was Coser Tejer Crear so we actually sewed for each other!   This was her first swap and she did an incredible job - this mini is perfection!   Her stitching is so precise.  Wonderful!

As you can see, I was also spoiled with candy and chocolate, lace and buttons.  Yum!  Thank you!

So - do you like to swap?

P.S.  Thank you to Funthreads for sending me a sheet of Squangles to try and to Rhonda for sending me this amazing parcel'o'goodness for my prize in the Q4 Finish A Long.

UPDATE:  linking to the 2014 Q1 Finish Along finishing party!

 Finish Along 2014

Sunday 9 February 2014

Belated Blogiversary GIVEAWAY

Look - it's me!

I did it again - I missed celebrating my Blogiversary in January so I am celebrating now instead!  Happy belated 2nd Blogiversary to me!!

This little blog started after I returned to the UK from a trip home to Canada for the Christmas holidays.  When I was home I decided that I wanted a way to share the 'crafty shenanigans' that I was getting up to so my family could see how I spent my spare time [waves hello to family].  And here I am two years on and I still love blogging as a way of sharing!  Thank you to everyone who pops in to look around, to those who follow by GFC, email and Bloglovin and to everyone who takes the time to comment - I appreciate each and every one of you!    

To show my thanks and to celebrate two years, I am having a giveaway.  I love giveaways - and hope you do too!  I've gathered a few things for one winner to enjoy:

Up for grabs is a crazy selection of scraps in mostly blues and purples - two fat quarters worth!  I've also got Issue 2 of the Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine with bonus Tula Pink project book, a handmade finger pincushion with pins and some Aurifil Wool thread in a lovely blue.  I will no doubt add something chocolately in as well!!

So, to enter my giveaway, please tell me anything but if you need an idea, how about your favourite blog to follow.  This giveaway is open to anyone-anywhere.  Second entry if you follow me in some way!   Winner will be chosen in a random style and announced on this post and by email.  Giveaway is open until 15th February 2014 and winner contacted soon after.

Good luck and happy sewing.

**GIVEAWAY IS OVER**  Thank you to everyone who entered!

Congratulations to Rachel of mammafairy sews!

Tuesday 4 February 2014

ALYOF - February goal

I am so pleased that I completed my January goal [yay me].  Now I need to decide what I think I can accomplish in February.  After looking at my WiP pile, I think I should/could complete my Jane Market Bag.  I love making bags!  I will need to buy interfacing though - which IS allowed on my Fabric Fast!

I actually ordered this pattern a while ago and the fabrics have been cut for ages so it is time to get'er'done!  Yup - this is what I hope to WILL get done this month.

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A Lovely Year of Finishes

Saturday 1 February 2014

January 2014 - month in review

February already.  My oh my how time flies!!

My word for the year is 'DO'.  I decided that I needed to 'do' something about my growing pile of scraps, make something from my pile of orphan blocks, use up the stash I already have and to work on my pile of works-in-progess!  So, looking at my January makes, I did pretty well! 

Yes - I finally completed a quilt I started 2 years ago!  It's done people - done!  The Mod Sampler is done!  I washed and tumble dried it last night and it looks nice all scrinkly.  In January I even made some pouches with orphan blocks, used scraps to make some tea wallets, a fern frond and a mini quilt and used some fabric in my stash to make a basket, a cushion cover and some bee blocks.  Woohoo!

My favourite project from January is the mini quilt I made for Doll Quilt Swap #14:

I love all the quilted texture I added, including some hand stitching, and the scrappy goodness and low volumes.  This was a lot of fun to make.

And now we are in February - what will I sew this month!!??  Oh and I forgot to celebrate my 2-year Blogiversary so that will happen VERY SOON - stay tuned for a giveaway!

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