Monday 30 September 2013

September - Month in review

September was a month all about bee blocks, swaps and small projects (isn't it always?).  I love projects you can make and be done with - none of this lingering around on a WiP list forever and f o r e v e r.....  [Note to self:  be sure that this is NOT what happens to my Marcelle Medallion!!]

Hers is what I made in September:

My absolute favourite item from September was the mini Noodlehead Divided basket I made for a swap I volunteered to be an Angel for:

What can I say?  Sewing keeps me sane!

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Lily's Quilts

3rd Quarter sum-up

she can quilt

Oh how I had such ambitious plans... Oh how I failed!!!!  In my goal post for the 3rd quarter, I listed seven things to complete.  I only managed to 100% complete two things from my list. 

Number 4 was my Modernista Homemade Swap.  I made a set of scrappy Nesting Bowls and a QAYG cushion:

My Number 5 project was my Forest QAL project.  I made a cushion from the Trillium block.  This is one of my favourite things that I have sewn this year partly because of the quilting that I did on it and the white flange:

Looks like all the other items will carry over to the last quarter of 2013.  Fingers crossed I don't take them as WIP's into 2014.

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Sunday 29 September 2013

Selfish sewing... fail

It is the end of Selfish Sewing Week and this is all I managed to sew for myself!  A tree for Wonkyville!

Ok, I had big plans for Selfish Sewing Week and I did do some sewing but it was for everyone else!  Ooops - so much for selfish sewing eh?  I made three Artist Trading Cards, three bee blocks, a siggy block and two needle books - all for other people!

Oh and I made some 'shit' for Pennie:

You see, I wanted to clear my to-do list before tackling my own project(s).  I did not deal with the ELEPHANT in the room, did I?  Typical me though - at university I would avoid the big essay and work on ALL the smaller projects first so they would be done and out of my mind so I could then concentrate on the big project but it meant that I always left myself very little time to work on the big project.  This is the story of my life and exactly what I did (or didn't do) this week!!  I had planned on working on my Marcelle Medallion quilt and wanted to make a Skirt Bag from some Ikea fabric I have but I got sidetracked with my to-do list. 

Oh well.  But at least it feels good to cross things off my list :)

What did you sew for Selfish Sewing Week?


Saturday 28 September 2013

Holiday Memories - 26 September

I have so many great memories from the various holidays [or vacations if you are reading this is the UK] that I have taken!  

So when I read about Celtic Thistle Stitches mini quilt competition, I immediately knew which memory I would share!  It was a family summer camping trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  I remember the photo taken that day and I was wearing a matching shorts and top set that my mom had sewn for me and a canvas sun hat.  We entered a sandcastle competition on the beach and we created the trillium logo of our province.  We didn't win.  This is what we based the sand sculpture on:

I recently paper pieced a Trillium cushion for the Forest QAL which brought back all these memories.  The photograph of our trillium sculpture is in Canada in my storage boxes but I can recall the day as clear as a bell!  I loved those camping holidays. 

Seeing a trillium in the woods was such a special thing.  There are may varieties but the ones I remember were always white.  Oh - and NEVER pick a trillium!!!

Time waits for no one and since leaving my home province, it appears that they have a new logo with a much jazzier trillium!

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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Testing testing, ATC testing

After seeing the awesome artist trading cards that appeared a few months ago in the ATC Swap Group with veryberryhandmade, I really wanted to join in the second round!  Yay - I got in!!

I love mini art, always have, so this project was right up my street because these little textile cards are only 2.5" x 3.5".  Did I already mention that I love mini art? 

As luck would have it, I am attending a group of card makers/stampers tomorrow night and I was told that they would be trading ATC's.  So I got my thinking cap on and made these 'testers' which I will give out on Wednesday (if people want them that is - they may not like that they are fabric and not paper -- oh the worry!?).  Regardless, this was great practice for when I make my secret partner his/hers and eventually mail it to him/her in November.  Win win.

As you can see, I made three: two spools of thread and an acorn.  The acorn was a test run for the "Autumn" theme of the ATC Swap Group but I have since decided on another design.  I definitely need to improve my 'drawing in stitches' technique - it is fun to do!!  And of course you already know that I love raw edge applique.  As like many of the new things I try, making these little mini trading cards is quite addictive!!  Oh dear!!

P.S. If anyone still has a wonky house or wonky tree to send me for Wonkyville, please do so this week so you can be entered into the draw!!  

Here is a little wonky tree/bush from Sonia (Fabric and  Flowers) which will fit in the village of Wonkyville perfectly!  Thanks Sonia :)

Monday 23 September 2013

Selfish Sewing Week - my plans

It is Selfish Sewing Week people!!!

I've been sewing-sewing-sewing things for everyone else in all the swaps I'm in so it is high time I sewed something for moi!  I plan to sew a SKIRT BAG for Selfish Sewing Week - wish me luck!!!  I have some interesting(ly boring) fabric from Ikea that I bought especially for this pattern so I hope it comes out ok!!!  And buttons - yeah... I have a few to pick from!!!    

Oh and I also plan to catch up on my Marcelle Medallion quilt!  I am a week behind because those 60* triangles have me quaking in my boots...

Happy sewing :) 

Saturday 21 September 2013


See what I did there?  Swap + happy = swapappy :)

Yes I am one happy girl!!  I think by now you know that I am a little obsessed with swaps and participate in them frequently, right?  Well let me show you why I am so happy!!!

Nicky set up the Stamp it Up Swap shorty after Fat Quarterly Retreat because she loved the Rubber stamp class we took with Tacha.  I HAD to join in that swap because I love printmaking too!!  For my secret partner I made a pencil stamp and stamped some pencil 'fabric' and made that into a sleeping bag pencil case (tutorial by ayliN-Nilya). 

My pencil stamp
A 'pencil' pencil case

Of course the most exciting thing about secret swaps is that you get something sent to you in return!!  After seeing all the fab things being posted in the Stamp it Up Swap Flickr group and wondering which item would become mine, I received this PERFECT little open wide pouch from Sonia of Fabric and Flowers.  She chose my fav colours and even added some hand stitching along the base.  And look - a yummy red zip.  Isn't this the sweetest thing?  Thank you Sonia - I LOVE it!!!!

Hand stamped pouch


I was also in the ~sewing room swap~ where I made this mini wall hanging (plus a pouch) for my partner.  I added a detachable clock button, some scissors on the floor and a thimble on top of the books.  I even made a name badge lanyard to hang on the cupboard door knob!  I used some selvages to make books in a stack on the left!  These details were a lot of fun to add. I found it quite hard to give this away - but I did!!

Stash Cupboard pattern by Quiet Play

Scissors pattern by Quiet Play

What did I receive?  Well let me tell you!  I am thrilled that I received a pair of perfect Flea Market Fancy and linen box pouches AND a huge length of Flea Market Fancy scalloped bunting!!  Lucky duck me or what!!??  I've wanted some bunting for my sewing closet for ages and this is awesome!!!  And the sewing on the pouches is very very professional - I am in awe!!  Thank you Rachel / Creative Quilt Girl for stalking me so well!!   

Sewing Room swap parcel received
So, now you know why I LOVE being in swaps :)  Thank you Sonai and Rachel -- I'm 'sew' swapappy!!!

Lucky lady

I am so thankful for this blogging-quilting-crafting community that exists out there on t'interweb.  You guys ROCK my world!  Why you may ask?  Well because the generosity is amazing and it still amazes me :)

In August I was tremendously lucky to win a $50 gift certificate to Fort Worth Fabric Studio from their blog.  As soon as went on to go shopping I saw that they had the Briar Rose bundle [be still my heart - those froggies are the coolest things EVER] so I decided that I couldn't live without it!!!  I put the gift cert towards it and paid the shipping and my bundle of 20 fat quarters -yes 20- arrived a week or so later!  I think I squealed when I opened the parcel!!  I love these Briar Rose fabrics!!  Jodie even added a hot chocolate and a little notebook to the package too - thanks Jodie!  So - what do you think I should I make from this yummy fabric??

Picture borrowed from Fort Worth Fabric Studio

And if that wasn't lucky enough, I won a giveaway on A Spoonful of Sugar - a $40 Gift Certificate from XO Gigi Fabrics.  There was so much to pick from so I decided on some yummy PB & J fabric to go in my Impromptu quilt and some yummy green on green dots just because I love green!!  I have completely fallen for the PB & J fabric line: blue, aqua, red and green all together = yum!  Here is one of the prints I ordered:

Daisy Mae Jelly
Picture borrowed from XO Gigi Fabircs

Can you believe that Joanna of Shape Moth drew my name to win her paper pieced pattern of an Anchor?  Yup - pretty awesome eh?  I recently purchased some Tula fabric that this will look great in!

Picture borrowed from Shape Moth
So thank you to Jodie, Joanna, Gigi, Lisa and Sarah for holding fabulous, amazing and tremendously generous giveaways and for picking little old moi!  I truly LOVE what you have shared with me :)

Monday 16 September 2013

If you build it, they will hellp!!

NEWS FLASH --> this just in: 
Wonkyville grows again!!!

Carol of The Running Hare sent me these beauties!!  A bird in the window and a spaced-out owl on the chimney - welcome to Wonkyville, girls!

And from Evelyne (who I know from the LMQG), made two wonky houses and two wonky trees. Loving those curved trees and that tall blue roof! 

Turid from Norway sent me MORE houses and another tree for Wonkyville - she spoils me :)  And one of these houses has our first Wonkyville inhabitant!!  Can you see the glamorous lady looking out the window?   

Thank you guys!  This is such a fun project and I love what you are all sewing!!  You have been entered into the draw at the end of the month :) 

Anyone else want to send me a wonky tree or wonky house?  Contact me!!  To be eligible for the draw, please make sure your house or tree has arrived to me by the end of this month!  Don't worry about the deadline though - that is just for the draw.  Wonkyville would love another house or tree if you want to send me something in October!

Happy Monday night everyone!

Saturday 14 September 2013

Oh Marcelle....

I had to.  Yes, I HAD to!!  I am making a Marcelle Medallion quilt!  Here is my center and first border:

Yes it is a little wonky but hey - I love me some wonky don't I!!?  Penny Poppleton is hosting the quilt-along so wish me luck in keeping up!  I have lots of irons in the fire - a Scrappy Trip, a St Louis 16-patch and several other quilts but I HAD to make a Marcelle Medallion!  Right? 


Happy sewing, happy Saturday!

Friday 13 September 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap - sent

Time to link up the pouch I made for the Sweet Pouch Swap hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts.

Sweet Pouch Swap 2

This swap was not a secret swap but that made it even harder for me because my partner doesn't blog, doesn't use Flickr and doesn't appear to be on Pinterest.  All I had was an Instagram address but guess what?  I'M not on Instagram!  So, armed with only her description that she liked pink, florals and Liberty, I went ahead and made this box pouch for her:

This is a rather large box bag - a pair of shoes could probably fit in there so my partner can use it for anything!  For the lining I used Kaffe Fasett shot cotton in a bright fuchsia pink to provide some relief from the bubblegum pink and lilac outer fabric.  I used some yellow chord for the zipper pull as there was some yellow in the flowers.   And here are a few of the close-up pictures:

I followed a free tutorial (I need to find the link and will share that soon) which is great but I think the handle is a bit big for my liking so when I make another, I will reduce the size somewhat.  I put tabs on each end to give it a bit of fun.  I filled it with some sweets and a ring pincushion that I made:

I hope Michelle in Australia likes what I made for her and that it arrives soon!  I can't believe that it hasn't arrived yet!  It's been WEEEEEKS since I posted it!  Nor have I received mine from her... I'm not very patient at waiting - can you tell!!!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Giveaway to celebrate Wonkyville

Citizens of Wonkyville - I salute you!!!  Thank you for building houses and growing trees and making Wonkyville AMAZING!  I can't wait to sew this beauty up and into a quilt!   This is truly an international village with trees and houses sent from from the UK, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Norway....  and several places yet to arrive!  Here they are so far:

Wonkyville made Flickr Explore - over 7500 views!! 

How exciting!  When I started this adventure in June and put the call out for help, I was thrilled with the response and then when they started to arrive I was tickled pink!  So, as my way of saying thank you, I want to have a giveaway for all the good folks who have sewn and sent me something wonky for Wonkyville.

1. Notting Hill skinny FQ, red zipper, lollipops, finger pincushion with pins
2. Timeless Treasures Newspaper print FQ, Sketch fat 8th, zippers, finger pincushion with pins
3. Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett - sizes ranging from 13"x17" to 22"x13"
4. Just my Type FQ, magnet letters spelling SEW HAPPY, finger pincushion with pins
5. Wash Day four 10" squares, Kona FQ, Perle cotton thread
6. Enchantment by Kathy Davis, three pieces ranging in sizes (16x25, 23x20, 18x24 - all inches)

Prizes will be drawn at the end of September and winners will be announced by email and on the blog in October 2013.  All prizes are from my own stash or bought for this giveaway.  Again, thank you to everyone who I have received a house or tree from already and for those of you still sewing - you have until the end of September to get them in to me (if you want to be included in the draw that is)!  If you happen to miss the draw deadline, I am still very happy to have a wonky house or wonky tree to add to Wonkyville! 

Happy sewing!!

Thursday 5 September 2013

Wonkyville update

Welcome to Wonkyville!

Well, my little wonky village with wonky trees continues to grow!  "Wonkyville" is still accepting new residents and trees to be planted so contact me if you would like to make me a wonky house or wonky tree to be included!

Last week a UNICORN decided he wanted to come live in Wonkyville and thank you Krys/treewytch for sending this magical fella to my village!  She even did some artwork on the package!  I met Krys at the London Quilt meeting recently - hello!

And at the guild meeting, Ruth passed me this happy feminine aqua and pink home (with a lovely fussy cut flower in the window) to be added to 'Wonkyville':

Colette gave me this funky tree and house - her colours are always so stunning and look - she used some of her handprinted fabric!!

Jo sent me this wonky pine tree and wonky house all the way from Canada.  The leaves on the fabric are perfect for the tree and I love the cross hatch house!
Wonkyville grew again when I received this happy cheerful yellow house from Styka from the USA.  She tells me this was her first time making wonky and scrappy - well done!!  

And Gertie Pie gave me a cool dotty house and cool dotty tree which are most welcome to have a place in Wonkyville!  I do love a tall tree!! 

Thank you everyone who has helped me along this journey so far.  I will continue to collect houses and trees for as long as people want to sew them for me so please get in touch!  Here is another one I have made:

For the exclusive draw [for the people I have received houses and trees from], I will be drawing several winners on the last day of September so get those houses and trees in fast if you want to be in the draw.  I will do a post about the prizes soon!!  

From Amy, chief resident of Wonkyville!