Tuesday 16 October 2012

Happy post

Yay for happy post! 

I have finally received all three Scrap Vomit packages from the swap I joined a little while ago which means I now have 147 pretty [mostly pretty fugly actually] 2.5" squares to put towards my Scrap Vomit quilt which is just ONE of the quilts I have added to my 2013 'To-Do" list. 

There are A LOT of brown squares in there but when they are all mixed in with a whole bunch of colourful charms it will all look good...right??  I think I will need something like 1000+ squares so a few fugly ones mixed in will be fine!!

And woohoo I also received my much anticipated Japanese Charm Swap charms from Narcoleptic in the Cupboard.  Look at these beauties:

Bad photo really (sorry) but there are cars, elephants, penguins, sparkly princesses, toadstools, cupcakes, apples, Russian dolls, waving cats - and so many more!!  Some are a linen/cotton blend and some are just regular quilting weight cotton.  There were several sewing themed charms:

...and out of the 56 charms, I found a few favourites!  These three are just so darn cute and funny all at the same time!  I have never seen the bunnies with bulging eyes before so I am thrilled to have them.  I will have to do something really special with them... but what?

The Cheeky Monkeys in Red Polka Dotty Pants was what I sent in to the swap and I love them!!  I also love these robots too - look - they are fixing cars!! 

Not sure what I should do with my 56 charms now that I have them so I think I will just look at them in awe for now and drool a bit.  They should become something fun - but what?

Happy drooling sewing!
Scrap Vomit Squares Pack - International


Cherie said...

Wow what a haul of fabrics!! =D

Rosa said...

Enjoy ,they are very nice!!

Charlotte said...

Japanese fabrics crack me up!

Di said...

Excellent fabric post. Di x

moira said...

amy, do you need any more scraps? I have a shed load

Pam said...

My scrap vomit squares have arrived and i am thrilled to bits with them, a truly eclectic mix and some really spectacular prints. No doubles and nothing that I have in my scrap mountain, I predict a busy January. You can never have too many scraps.