Monday 8 October 2012

4th Quarter Finish Along goals

Can you believe we are in the second week of October already?  To think I was making Christmas things in July when December seemed so far off... but it is now just around the corner - and so is the end of 2012!  

With this in mind, I need to get cracking on some of my WiP's, PhD's (projects half done), UFO's, PiG's (projects in bags) and all the other things in various stages of 'done' and sitting in piles all over the cottage!  I have participated in the Quilter in the Gap's 2nd and 3rd Quarter Finish-Along linky parties and found it to be a fun way to get thinking about -and working on- my pile of projects.  I managed to finish 2/5 for the 3rd quarter (I did sort of try really hard to get my Mod quilt done but just didn't manage it) and 2/3 in the 2nd quarter.  "Two" is the magic number for me apparently!!

So for the 4th Quarter, I am feeling REALLY ambitious!!  Mentally, I HAVE to get these nine things done before 2013 so I can start the new year with a small(er) list of "to-be-finished" projects = less guilt when starting a fresh new project!  I already have a list of things I want to make and try in 2013 so I don't need 2011 and 2012 projects holding me back!!  I really do hope that I get more than two of these projects completed within the next two months and three weeks!

My 4th Quarter Finish Along goals are as follows:

1.  Make more Great Granny blocks and make a small quilt

2. Finish the Mod Sampler quilt [Oh! Fransson pattern] - finish backing, baste, quilt, bind, label

3.  Finish my Union Jack full size pillow case from Fat Quarterly Retreat [Lily's Quilts paper pieced pattern]

4.  Make more blocks, sew, make a back, baste, quilt, bind, label my 'My Precious' Amy Butler fabric quilt

5.  Finish my Girl on a Swing embroidery and make into a pillow

6.  Finish my Vintage Holiday quilt... wouldn't it be lovely if I got it finished BEFORE Christmas?? 

7.  Paramouthy Stitches Tote bag for Di -- NO PICTURE, sorry!

8.  Finish my Wonky stars #1 quilt - sew top, border?, baste, quilt, bind, label

9.  Finish my Pretty Pleats tote in the yummy black and cream Cosmo Cricket polka dot and Flea Market Fancy fabrics - yum!

So there you have it - nine projects that I really want to get done before the end of the year.  I have left out my Arrow quilt, my Wonky Log Cabin quilt, my Wonky Star in Kaffe and Oakshott quilt and the Wonky Houses and trees quilt and several other small projects simply because I have to be realistic!!  Hahahah - I'm too funny!

Linking my overly ambitious goals to the 4th Quarter on Quilter in the Gap as soon as she tells us the linky is live --> linky is up!!!


Izzy said...

Very ambitious list! Good luck with it. I can't wait to see them all done! :-)

antmee said...

When I first come across a blog I quickly scan it and at the end of yours I thought "Wow! So many finishes! Superwoman!!" I just had to read your post again and am glad to find that you are a normal person after all and these beautiful projects are your "to do's". A great list and am looking forward to seeing the finishes.

Now back to my great big WIP list.

Anonymous said...

as ever in awe, superwoman!

Di said...

Big list again! Now I am a little worried that the paramouthy stitches swap has dropped to no 7. Lol! You have to finish the Christmas quilt so you can use it this year. Di x

Charlotte said...

you are going to be busy!

moira said...

whoa, easy tiger! That is some list. Fingers crossed for some epic sewing

Kelsey said...

Busy bee!! Love the Vintage Holiday quilt :) I want to make one so bad but I so don't need any more projects right now!

Brenda said...

Good luck on all your wips! beautiful items by the way!

Kelly said...

Mahoosive list there Amy!!!

Cherie said...

Wow good luck with all of that!! I'm sure with a little planning you can get it all done!

Karen said...

I absolutely love your vintage holiday quilt. You've got a lot going on all at once, but I'm sure you'll finish them up. Good luck!

lorik said...

I really like the Mod Sampler quilt- it will be good seeing that finished! You will get it all finished..bit by bit:)

Leanne said...

Ok, now I feel a little better with my list. Your list is full of wonderful projects, I am pulling for you to do them all.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Fantastic projects Amy! I can't wait to see them finished :)