Sunday 29 January 2012

Treats for myself

Well, I decided enough was enough and that I should replace my Olfa rotary cutting mat with a new (and BIGGER) one, since the one I was using was small and cut to shreads and is about as old as I am.  The Quilt Room had sent a message saying there would be a free 'something' included with each order placed over the weekend so I did!  It was also free shipping on orders over 50 quid so I am a happy girl with treats on the way!  Oh yah - it was payday as well (so I had to buy myself something, right?)!!!  I'll take a photo of my treats when they arrive!  [I have eventually added the photo of my purchases - see top photo]

In the meantime, here are some photos of a few more of my Wonky stars to make you (hopefully) smile! 

Monday 23 January 2012

Fat Quarterly retreat - yay (and Mod Sampler)

Happy Monday!  As a Monday treat to myself, I decided to finally purchase my 'weekend pass' for the Fat Quarterly retreat here in London UK.  Yayy for me!  June 2-3, 2012 here I come!  I first heard about it through the girls of the newly formed Modern Quilt Guild when we all met for the first time two weekends ago - so I looked into it and it sounds like a BLAST!  Can't wait for June...
In the meantime while I wait for the sunshine (or will it be rain?) and for the month of June to slowly arrive, I have finished cutting all the peices for the Mod Sampler Quilt [Oh, Fransson! quilt-along] and have started stitching it all together.  So far so good.  Need to be convinced on one of my fabric colour choices (and perhaps the quality) and just HOPE it looks ok when it is all pieced together.  I didn't pre-wash any of these fabrics so I also HOPE none of them run the first time I wash it.  Guess I will have to use a 'colour catcher' and cross my fingers.

Anyways, happy crafting!
Mod Sampler Quilt [Oh, Fransson!] pieces prepped and ready to sew.
All stacked up - pieces on 6 cards each with 6 sections to help make piecing easier.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

First project of 2012 - completed

2012 started strong.  I completed the tag blanket (idea and inspiration from my cousin) within 2 days of returning from Christmas holidays and I am thrilled how it turned out.  Armed with only the idea and some cool fabric and ribbon, I made this yellow creation!  I had sound advice about using the minky/minkie fleece from Mad About Patchwork so thank you for that!   Not sure who to give it to yet...
Tag blanket / sensory mat

Monday 16 January 2012

2011 - a crafty year in review

Well, in 2011 I managed to make more than I thought I had and even created several gifts for several people.  I kept the pottery pieces - not good enough to give away (yet).  Here is a list of what I managed to make (in no order and with only a few photos):
  • Mystery Quilt - gift for sister
  • Stoneware bowl with blue squiggle, green pencil pot, white flower vase
  • Stoneware blue rectangular dish, colourful dish, white Welcome sign
  • Stoneware Christmas ornaments
  • 9 Wonky stars (quilt blocks - not a quilt YET)
  • 7 Wonky houses (quilt blocks - not a quilt YET)
  • Felt dachshund dog
  • 2 sets of oven mits (pattern from Mad About Patchwork)
  • 2 Dish Detergent Bottle Aprons

Sunday 15 January 2012


Hello and Happy 2012!