Monday 17 June 2013

Sunday Stash (on a Monday)

I'm actually linking up to Sunday Stash (over on Dreaming in Patchwork today) on a Monday this time (last time it was a Wednesday - oops)!!  Sunday day evaporates so that is my excuse!  However, I don't have a stack of fabric - I have just one to share!

Yesterday On Saturday, I took the car for a run out to charge the battery (it had gone super flat and I had to be boosted by a nice AA man) and I found myself in Hemel Hempstead outside of Patchwork Corner.  The car seemed to just know where to go so when I arrived there I thought "I should go in and see what new fabric they have" -- so I did!!  I did not expect to treat myself to some fabric that:

a) I did not need
b) cost too much
c) is very yummy

Stof  'Nature Marks' in blue

C'est la vie eh?  Yes, I came away with this yummy Stof cotton/linen blend fabric to make another Schoolhouse Tunic.  I couldn't resist it!  The lovely denim-y blue and natural colours are 'me'.  The colour is between a Kona Cadet and a Kona Delft - but not quite either of those.  The fabric is sort of scratchy so fingers crossed it softens up when washed...gee, I hope that it makes a nice shirt -- it cost me enough so it had better!!  I may even have enough left over to make a wristlet so I can have a barfingly cute matching thing to wear with the shirt on a day out!

Happy stashing!

P.S. If you haven't read my post about making a wonky house for me, click here and join in the fun!!  There will be an exclusive giveaway for all of those people who participate!


Thank you to Kristy at Quiet Play and to Fat Quarter Shop for my Happy Go Lucky charm pack!  I will drool on it for a little while before using it!!!  Also, a belated thank you to Creative Chicks at Play/Simple Girl Simple Life who sent me a 100 Quilt Blocks magazine in  May.  It is a great resource to have and one I cannot buy here in the UK.
Photo from Fat Quarter Shop


Pennie said...

Ooh, I want to make a schoolhouse from pink records if I have enough - shall we have a swing day?? That Stoff fabric looks lovely and will make a fab top :-)

heart of charnwood said...

Oooh, I love the stof fabric, very cute and a great colour. :o)

moira said...

I've made my schoolhouse bodice. just got the skirt to make and sew it together! LOVE that Stof

Charlotte said...

ooooh, that is LOVELY!!!!

Colette said...

Ooooh lovely, lovely, lovely!!

Allison said...

hehe, I'm sure your new outfit will be as 'barfingly cute' as you hope for ;)

Finding Fifth said...

Hehehe a car that heads to a LQS and a clever three point criteria for buying fabric equals a good giggle.