Saturday 22 December 2012



I am ready.  

The tree is up and the decorations are on.

Gifts were wrapped and posted weeks ago and have arrived!

Sewing for the holiday - all done (I started sewing gifts in July thankfully!!).

Baking?  Banana bread in the freezer and Rice Krispie squares were made this morning!

Turkey is ready! 

Nibbles are 'in'.

Laundry done.

So let's sit down, put our feet up, relax, grab a drink of something and play some games!  

Some of my favourite memories of Christmas are of the holidays spent with the family in Stratford Ontario.  The house was in a snow belt area so there was always fun to be had outdoors.  Once we (all the cousins) exhausted ourselves making snowmen, having snowball fights, shovelling, tobogganing, making snow angles, 'igloos' and forts, we would go in for shortbread, satsumas, meringues, nuts -- basically anything we could find!  Once we warmed up we would play card games - Whoopee Whoopee Woo, cribbage, Snap, Old Maid, Uno and even have competitions to make the tallest card-towers in the carpet.  We would also play with clay that my great uncles had in their workshop and make ashtrays and pinch pots that they would glaze and fire for us!  There was so much to do but not a PlayStation, mobile phone or computer was in sight!  The most exciting 'technology' I can remember was Merlin and Simon Says!  There was a tv but my Great Grandmother had dibs on what we watched!  Those were the 80's and if I could teleport myself back to those days right this minute I would. 

Simple times.  Happy times.  Together times.

Merry Christmas to my family - I miss you all so much and wish I could be there to celebrate the holiday with you all.  Lots of love to everyone! 
Amy xx


moira said...

i know how hard it is to be away from home especially at this time of year. Merry Christmas, lovely Amy xx

Charlotte said...

I love your tree! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas xxx

Pippa Parsons said...

I'm away from my mum and dad at xmas for the first time in 10 years, feels weird but at least we have phones and internet :)
Our games with the kids tomorrow include uno, a pull out bugs before the spider gets you game and gin rummy for the 8 yo... he's a card shark..

Have a fantastic Christmas love Pip xxx