Thursday 20 December 2012

Doll quilt - TGIFF

I was asked by a work colleague to make a doll quilt for the tiny wooden doll pram she purchased for her granddaughter for Christmas.  We measured how 'large' the doll quilt needed to be and it was only about 10 inches square - a tiny mini quilt!!  The only criteria was that there was some red included because the wheels were red so I dug through my scraps but nothing screamed out at me.  Then the other night I was looking at my UFO/WiP/PhD/100 Day Hustle pile and I re-discovered my Amy Butler 'Happy Hour' quilt using the Love fabrics.  I quickly sewed up some of the off-cut strips from making the blocks for my quilt and presto - a mini quilt top was created.

I took it (unfinished) into work the next day to get 'approval' which was quickly given so I finished it that night.  I love the dark purple as the binding with a rose in one corner.  It was happily received and she was so pleased that I used these darker colours rather than the typical light pink and pale yellow that most girls get throughout their childhoods.

Job done.  Dimensions = 9.75" x 10.25".  Good practise for the doll quilt that I have to make for my [secret partner] in the Doll Quilt Swap 13 due in a month or so.  Can't wait to make that one!

The joy of Christmas smells: clementines, satsumas and tangerines...  The taste and colour of orange!  What do you think of these gorgeous fat quarters!!???

Amazing right?  They were sent by the lovely Julie at Intrepid Thread (THANKS Julie) and I am happy to have them as my stash definitely lacked in orange.  The line is called Flutter.  Now - what should I make with them??

I also received some pretty fabrics by Kathy Davis from FreeSpirit Fabric blog and I'm thinking they would make a really sweet Siblings Together quilt for next year.  Just a thought!

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audrey said...

That doll quilt is sweet! I, too, appreciate the dark colors. Little girls should never be restricted to pastels! :)

Charlotte said...

it's fab, and I love the colour scheme :-D

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is really sweet - it'll look lovely in the pram :)

vexa said...

What a great use for UFO. Lovely fabrics!

Karen Pior said...

Wow - such small piecing. Good on you. It looks terrific. And I am a gal who can't resist orange right now. What a wonderful selection. Thanks for linking up at my blog today. Cheers, Karen

MsMidge said...

Very cute little quilt! And I'm very impressed to find another fan of Julie's at The Intrepid Thread!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Love the doll quilt, the fabrics are gorgeous!