Wednesday 19 December 2012

Blog-Hop winner announced

THANK YOU to everyone for entering my Blog-Hop giveaway.  I now have a great list of books to read - thank you!  And thank you for checking out my [very empty] Etsy shop and for being fantastic followers (both old and new)!

The giveaway was for a couple of fat quarters to make into the cutest slippers, plus some thread, a pattern and a few zippers):

 Who won who won????  Well done to.......
Liz DandeliondD said...
I can only recommend children's books atm, as bedtime reading is all I can squeeze in! So I would say something by Roald Dahl.
10 December 2012 13:54

Yay for you Liz for entering and winning my giveaway!!  I hope you can make lots of slippers for yourself and the kids!!  I will email you now :)  And for the book suggestion -- Roald Dahl has some amazing books.  The Twits was one I read in school many many years ago and I still remember it now!  Too funny!!   Again, congrats to Liz!!


THANK YOU:  I have a several people that I want to say THANK YOU to.  First is Ruth for the foundation-pieced pattern of a mouse that she gave me a couple of weeks ago from a giveaway on her blog.  A mouse - how cute!  I can't wait to try it [foundation piecing is new to me so it is a technique I want to learn in 2013].  Fingers crossed I can do it!!  Second is to Rumi for the paper-pieced pattern of a Balloon - I won this from her Blog-Hop giveaway and it looks great!  I will enjoy making it :)  And thirdly, a huge thank you Janet at Caribou Crossing Chronicles for her "Blogathon Canada" giveaway with Sew Sisters who sent me a table runner kit of fabric with maple leaves and mooses (not how you spell moose in plural I know but it is funnier this way!) on it.  Picture to follow - it is very 'Canadian' and it will be fun to put together!  Thanks everyone - have a great night!

PS>  Anyone else having difficulties with Blogger/Google?  Adding a photo crashes the computer, trying to become a GFC follower jams it and anything else just freezes the computer.  Not a fun way to go about blogging, is it!??


Di said...

Congrats to Liz, you couldn't have a nicer winner!
Di x

Liz DandeliondD said...

I am so excited and Pezzy is my favourite too.
Thanks so much Amy.

Gertie Pye said...

Well done Liz! The slipper pattern is just too cute. Hope to see lots of little slippers for your little Dandelions! x

Rosa said...

Congrats to the winner.wishing you a warm and Happy Holidays!!