Saturday 2 June 2012

Small Project Sew Along - recap/finale

When Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts wrote about her 'Small Project Sew Along ' I didn't hesitate to join in the fun!!  I promptly made a list and started creating things from it.  I wasn't sure how many things I would complete from my 'small project list' but I did manage over half - yay!!  In fact, I did ok and managed to complete 54% of my list.  That is 7 out of 13 items.  Actually - I made 17 items but some projects were 'multiples' [I love stats]!  I would have completed more had I not completed two quilts ;)

  1. Fold over flap button closure bags x5 DONE
  2. Needle case holder thing DONE
  3. crazy mom quilts Lanyard for scissors DONE
  4. Zakka Itty Bitty Magnets DONE  [4b. Additional magnet for Cara/Pink Stitches] DONE
  5. Zakka Mug Rug DONE
  6. Play Mini Quilt DONE
  7. Zip Organiser
  8. Tweed Pouch
  9. Neckerchief thing
  10. Folding card wallet
  11. Shirt Bunny DONE
  12. Teapot hotpad 
  13. Mix Master hotpad 
Thank your crazy mom quilts for the inspiration!  I think I will set myself this challenge every month and see how I do!


Cherie said...

What cute projects! Hope you get the rest done this month =D

Charlotte said...

busy lady!!! Lovely things :-D

Debbie said...

Good going!

Ali Hughes said...

Wow, you did great with your list! I didn't formally make a list, but I had a few small projects in mind and was able to complete several! :) Yours are adorable, I think my favorite is the bunny!

Candy said...

I LOVE your projects! You have a great eye for design! The shirt bunny has to be my favorite! Oh, and the scissors holder too. Thank you for sharing.

I am visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts link.

Amanda Jean said...

thanks so much for joining in! isn't it fun to narrow down the list just a bit for each month? i'm doing that on paper, whether i post it on the blog or not. it's fun to see progress. i love your stats. you did awesome!!! thanks for linking up!