Friday 29 June 2012

Too full

My brain hurts today because it is too full (no jokes from the peanut gallery please - you know who you are!).  Too many things going on in my world and in my head so I'm all over the place!  It's CHAOS!  And to add other problem to my too-full brain I discovered this:

Naughty dog!  The dog was a VERY BAD BOY.  He dug my veg patch up and wrecked most of my plants!  Grrrr....  There were even tiny purple beans on some of those bean plants - so I actually had beans growing and he wrecked them!  And this is AFTER I gave him a nice yummy knuckle bone.  Ungrateful pooch!  

This was the thing that tipped the scales in my brain today.  Frustration took hold and the day went downhill from there!     

Once I replanted what I could salvage (the garlic chives survived and some yellow bean plants survived - phew!), I continued to quilt my Green-Grey-Teal-Turquoise quilt thinking that was a good thing to do!  LESSON - do not quilt when you are in a 'state'.  I broke a needle, did several wonky 'straight' lines, had thread tension issues, had to use the seam ripper...  And now that I am almost done quilting it I find that I am still not happy with any of it! Oh my brain hurts - too full!  So when in doubt - take a break.  A Kit Kat break:

As you can see, I am still on my peanut butter kick and have recently discovered these tasty crunchy yummy peanut buttery treats!  They seem to satisfy those crazy peanut butter cravings I'm having!  Does anyone know if they sell these in Canada?  Just wondering. 

Despite the chocky bar, I just couldn't face more quilting/ripping and the mess in my sewing room was distracting and very annoying [especially to Mr Crafty Shenanigans], so I did a tidy up.  It looks a wee bit less chaotic now so that's helping me get focused again.

Here is my sewing space BEFORE:

And AFTER a wee tidy up:

It feels good to make piles and shove carefully place everything in some sort of order onto the bookcase.  It's sort of like making a list and I LOVE lists!!!  They help focus my too-full brain! 

Not sure if I am ready to get back to finishing that darn quilt just yet so maybe some baking will help?  I'm still hoping to finish the quilt tomorrow and attach the binding and spend all day hand finishing it.  Will it get done in time?

Come back tomorrow to find out!

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Charlotte said...

I hate days like that. Sorry you had such a bad one xxxx

Cherie said...

Sounds like a very chaotic day indeed! I don't think the peanut bar will help your case =P A tidy sewing room is always a great start =D

Maria said...

It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one that has a messy sewing room. LOLLLLL Maybe if I tidied mine I'd feel more creative.

Kelly said...

Hope today was better. I love those pb kitkats :)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a wonderful sewing room and bad doggies!!

Mary said...

You certainly have my sympathy! I have two doggies and though I love them dearly, they do try my patience. Nice sewing space.