Wednesday 6 June 2012

WiP Wednesday 6th June & TNT Thursday 7th June

WiP Wednesday again - where DOES the time go?

So this week I have to ADD a few to my list because last week I finished so many!!  I know I know... but these ones are super fabulous!!

First up is my 'Portholes' sample which WILL one day be made into a wall hanging.  Just need to make a few more... This was definitely something I had never tried before - in fact the whole class was new to this technique [thank you Lucie].  And circles - me?  Doing circles?  Yup - and I am pretty proud of them too!!  I tried something new :)
Porthole technique by Lucie Summers.
Second up is my 'Paper pieced Union Jack' - here is a quarter of it... still three parts to sew and then the rest of it to make into a pillow case/cover.  I struggled with the paper piecing so much - what are the chances of me getting the rest done anytime soon???  This one will skip the WiP list and go straight to my UFO list me thinks ;)

Third up is my Zakka Zip Organiser - no photo sorry!  I started cutting the fabric bits but got sidetracked by all the errors in the pattern.  So between the errata listed on the C&T Publishing website and the wonderful Spotted Stones blog (who found an additional error!) I think I am nearly ready to start sewing. Wish me luck!!  I'll need it because I am using some of "My Precious" Echino fabrics... 

And in other news - I am a lucky lucky girl!  Remember Giveaway Day/Week on 21st May?  Well today the postman brought me some awesome mail!!  I received the cutest handmade pouch by Veronica at sewVery.  She sent this birdie pouch (with butterflies on the back) and included a gorgeous necklace too!!  Thank you very much Veronica - it is beautiful and exactly my taste - and I'm already using the pouch for coins and have attached my key chain to it!!  Awesome!

I can't forget to mention Henrietta Hippo!  I won this pattern to make a really cute adorable and awesome Hippo from a little space for my random thoughts.  Thank you very much and like I said earlier "holy hippo - I won"!!  Also, I received a crocheted bracelet all the way from Slovenia from Coprnije - awesome, thank you!  And another very exciting package arrived this week too - this one FILLED with cool vintage goodness from eager hands in the USA!  Vintage fabric, buttons, lace, a vintage  dress pattern, a vintage hand embroidered table runner and a gorgeous necklace pendant.  I'm so pleased - thank you very much!  I love Giveaway Day/week - can't wait for next year!!

Here is an updated WiP/UFO list:

June Bee Europa block
Finish Green-grey-teal-turquoise quilt
Finish Mod Sampler quilt
LMQG Inspired by Art item for July

Current WiP's:
Sew into Solids Blocks - so behind it hurts!
Porthole blocks
Paper pieced Union Jack pillow case
Zip Orgainser  DONE

Long Term WiP's [no progress]:
Wonky log cabins
Wonky houses and trees
Wonky stars

UFO list [definitely no progress!]:
Union Jack blocks
Half Square triangle mini quilt
Neckerchief thing
EPP Pencil case
Amy Butler Love Quilt top

Here is my June Small Projects list [of things I hope to make - if I do, I do - if I don't, I don't]:
  1. Zip Organiser  DONE
  2. Tweed Pouch
  3. Neckerchief thing
  4. Folding card wallet
  5. Teapot hotpad 
  6. Mix Master hotpad 
  7. Patchwork Pot holder
  8. Another 241 Tote  
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QED on the 15th


Anonymous said...

I loved Lucie's class, so much fun and it worked brilliantly. Admire your perseverance as my paper pieced sample is going to stay as a lone piece of fabric!

Katherine said...

Oh, look at the gorgeous pothole showing a peek at some butterflies! Can't say you aren't letting the grass grow under your feet since returning from the retreat. :o) Well done, Amy!

Lucky you! Sweet prizes.

Love seeing your lists. There's something exciting about seeing it all laid out - seeing what's on the go and then checking things off the list. You remind me that I need to update my own lists.

Happy sewing, Amy!

Katherine said...

Whoops. Just caught my typo... I meant Porthole... not pothole. Eep.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

I keep calling them Potholes too - which they could be... porthole, pothole - both work ;)

Melissa Corry said...

The porthole technique looks totally awesome ;)

Gertie Pye said...

I loved the FQ Retreat but was gutted that I wasn't in Lucie's portholes class. Your porthole blick looks fab! I have to hope either that I can follow the porthole instructions in the FQ Retreat issue when it comes out, or that Lucie will do the class again next year. I have made some progress on my Union Jack pillow however!

Pat Merkle said...

Great circles!