Wednesday 20 June 2012

WiP - slowly getting there!

WiP Wednesday - again!

This week I've been prepping to send out my fabrics and instructions to the Bee Europa gang as JULY is my month!  I sewed one and a half blocks at FQ Retreat so I decided I should finish the half block (yay - a WiP completed) and do an additional one as a tester to see if I've included enough fabric in each baggie/envelope.  I think I've got the right amount so now the bundles are now [almost] ready to be posted next week.  This is my first ever month being a 'queen bee' [trying something new] and I can't wait to see what the Bee Europa  'worker bees' sew up for me!  I love wonky as you may already know, so here are my three blocks so far: 

They get progressively wonkier as I make them!!  I think the quilt will look great once all the bee blocks are together and I can't wait for this quilt to be sewn and on my bed -- I've wanted to use my green, purple and grey fabrics for ages (some are actually considered 'my precious' as well) - woohoo!!  I'll be making more blocks so that it is big enough as I don't think 12 will be enough to cover my bed [King size].  Here are all the bundles in the baggies:

And now for even more exciting WiP news!!  Today I managed to sew the back for my Green-grey-teal-turquoise quilt top made way back in March - yay!!  Feels good to be one step closer to another finish, which I will hopefully get finished by the end of the month so I can link it to the 2nd Quarter Finish-Along.  I promise I ironed it and those are nice straight seams and edges -- it was the way I pinned it to the line and the wind that makes it look odd and wrinkly and not square ;)

I used my wonky block from my Sew into Solids Flickr project and a whole lot of Kona!  I love how simple it is and with the straight grid quilting I plan to do it should look even better once it is done.  Looking back through this post I can see that there is a lot of green and grey in my life! 
Anyways, here is my updated WiP/UFO list:

June Bee Europa block DONE
Zakka Tweed Pouch DONE
Finish Green-grey-teal-turquoise quilt PROGRESS - the back is sewn -- next to baste and quilt and then bind!
Finish Mod Sampler quilt - no progress PROGRESS - fabric ordered for the back (so much for my fabric diet!  I lasted four days!)
LMQG Inspired by Art item for July DONE
Modernista Sewing Room item(s) PROGRESS - but I can't show anything YET!
Running With Scissors Bee fabrics PROGRESS - have picked the block now need to prep fabric and post

Current WiP's:
Sew into Solids Blocks DONE  (will probably make more though!)
Zip Organiser  DONE
Wonky log cabins PROGRESS - made one and completed another

Long Term WiP's [no progress]:
Wonky houses and trees
Wonky stars
Porthole blocks

UFO list [definitely no progress!]:
Paper pieced Union Jack pillow case
Union Jack blocks
Half Square triangle mini quilt
Neckerchief thing
EPP Pencil case
Amy Butler Love Quilt top

Here is my June Small Projects list [of things I hope to make - if I do, I do - if I don't, I don't]:
  1. Zip Organiser DONE
  2. Tweed Pouch DONE
  3. Neckerchief thing
  4. Folding card wallet
  5. Teapot hotpad 
  6. Mix Master hotpad 
  7. Patchwork Pot holder
  8. Another 241 Tote 
  9. Pretty Pleats Reversible Tote - Pattern laid out just need to be brave and cut it!
Hope your list is shorter than mine!!  I'm linking to these fabulous blogs:


Cherie said...

Great looking blocks! Love the colour scheme! The back of the quilt looks great! =D

Cherie said...

Ooops forgot to add. Wow that is some list! =P

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Heh, your list looks something like the one in my head ;o)
Love you log cabins - it's one of my fave blocks and such a great bee block!

Di said...

You log cabins are wonky (I find that difficulty to do). You have big WIPLists but you have made a dint in them. You are doing well! Di x

Charlotte said...

love that quilt back! I'm too lazy to make pieced backs usually, but this makes me think I should give it a go!

Kelly said...

Love the wonky blocks - especially the one on the quilt back :)

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt back and the wonky log cabins!

Amanda said...

I really like your back! It's nice and simple but still really interesting!

Melissa Corry said...

The back of the quilt looks awesome!! Love it :)

MarneyMay said...

Love the wonky log cabin blocks and how you have organised the bundles into bags. I need to make a WIP list to remind me what I have started

Sil said...

I love the back and the log cabin. Amazing!