Saturday 30 June 2012

Procrastination flower

I am a procrastinator.  I do love a deadline but since I found out the 2nd Quarter linky will be open for a few more days I started to procrastinate for a little longer on finishing my quilt!  I made this flower brooch instead of doing what I should have been doing:

One happy camper!! 
Bad picture, hence why it is so small!
Procrastination flower, yes, but I needed to make it because it will decorate my new white linen jacket for my holiday!  What a true procrastinator eh?  I can justify any action/non action! 

I used some yummy fabric from Annie at The Village Haberdashery by Laura Gunn called Garden Wall - Gypsy Vine in Sky.  The pattern I used was from a blog called Gone to Earth and it suggested covering a button in matching fabric but I don't have any so I went through my yummy button tin and added just a regular green button.  Even my husband was impressed with the flower and thought that it looked great on my nice white-clean-new jacket.  Yay for me!  I'll be making a few more in different colours I think :)

Yesterday I received Issue 3 of the Modern Quilting Magazine!  A lovely surprise and it made my chaotic day so much better!!  The magazine has recently been taken over by different people so yay for all of them and yay for all of us!  My subscription has been honoured which is such a relief! 

UPDATE:  It is now in the name of the sister of the girl who was running it before!  It is still being run by the same family! Yikes!!

Issue 3 ~ Modern Quilting Magazine

This week I also received some buttons I won from Button Mad.  Thank you - they are so sweet, esecially the thimble button!!  And the fabric I won during the 'Fugly Swap Party' with Charm About You arrived too!  Prints to Polka Dots sent me my prize and it was worth the month long wait!  I got some really lovely fabrics including a coupe of prints with veg on which I will be making something kitchen-y out of!  Thanks so much!  One more thank you goes to Nicole Ferguson of who sent me the most amazing weiner dog coin purse!!  I love it - many thanks!!  Check her wares out - she makes some awesome things!

And that's it for now!  I'm in the middle of making a June projects mosaic so I will post that tomorrow, hopefully! I shall be excitedly be linking up with these fabulous linky parties:


MetroQuilter said...

Gorgeous brooch. Getting your jacket ready for its holidays isn't procrastination it's time well spent!

Charlotte said...

that's so cute! Love it!

Pennie said...

Lovely brooch, Amy, I see a tute at an LMQG meeting coming up.... ;-)

Cherie said...

Great flower! The colours really stand out against the white.
Oh I never knew the company was taken over. I did wonder why the 3rd issue was out =D

Di said...

Lovely flower Amy. Now stop procrastinating and get sewing Mrs! Di x

Sarah Craig said...

I love your flower - maybe you should start a club? I could join!!! Whoop whoop!!

Kelly said...

Cute flower - now get back to that quilt ;-)

Anonymous said...

My issue 3 hasn't turned up and I'm thinking about just going out and buying it :( Maybe it's cos I filed for credit from the administrators... still it was overturned when they "got bought out"... So is the new editor her sister? We were emailing back and forth about a submission but things have got eerily quiet again

Elizabeth said...

I love your procrastination flower . . . maybe I need to go make one as I have some other things that need finishing up. Love the fabrics you used and the button is the perfect touch. I like it better, I think, that I would a matching covered one. What a great embellishment to your pretty jacket. Thanks for linking up!

xo -E