Friday 15 June 2012

Crafty apron & Brit Quilt Swap Round 3

I've been wanting to make an apron or a tool belt that I could wear while sewing to make my life easier.  I thought the scissor lanyard I made a while back would do the trick but what I needed was pockets! 

Let me tell you why!!!  I live in a tiny cottage which has funny levels.  It reminds me of Faulty Towers where they go up 6 stairs off the lobby area to go down 6 stairs to arrive at the bedroom level!  Crazy!  Where I sew is in our 'closet room' (box bedroom with IKEA wardrobes).  It has our wardrobes, ironing board, computer printer, my small sewing desk, the shredder and my fabrics.  Anything more and we wouldn't be able to get to the closet for our clothes (and even now it is a struggle!)!!  This means I sew and iron in there but have to cut fabric in the kitchen on our tiny table.  If I want to baste anything I have to use the living room floor - and that's all the space I have basically.  To go from the sewing room (closet) to the kitchen I go down 1 step into the front door hallway and then almost immediately up 2 steps into the living room to get to the kitchen.  If I forget my pins or scissors or whatever in the sewing room, I'm up and down those stairs traipsing through all the rooms disturbing Mr Crafty Shenanigans!   

So I made a 'Crafty Tool Belt' which has 3 big deep pockets and 3 shallow but wide pockets and hey - it holds a lot of stuff!!  Now I just have to train myself to keep replacing the things into the pockets!!  It only took a couple of hours to put together which includes deciding on what fabric to use!!  The floral fabric is 100% cotton home dec weight, printed in England by Clarke & Clarke called 'Freya' and the other two are yummy Kona!  I love the colours together!  There is a smoky blue in it as well which is hidden by the angled pockets.  I'm quite pleased with it anyways and it will be happily worn while doing all my crafts!! 

On the pockets I sewed a double vertical line for some detail/interest and to hold the back panel to the front panel with pockets.  I sewed/quilted around the large red flowers just to keep all the layers together.  Though it was an easy tutorial, it totally lends itself to reinterpretation!

Ellison Lane Quilts

As you know, I like to participate in lots of different things!  What can I say - I like being busy!!  I've joined Brit Quilt Swap Round 3 group.  We will be making mini quilts [12"-24]" for our secret partner.  This is my inspiration board so my partner can stalk me!  Click here to see this mosaic on Flickr and the links to where the images are from.  Yup - I love green, red, navy and aqua and birds, feathers, wonky stars and wonky cabins!  That's me :)  Ok partner - here it is:
Aren't those birds the best!?  But so are the snail trail quilts, and those curved mod bud flowers - yum!! Can't go wrong with a wonky star either (you know I those making those!!).  But look at those Anna Marie Horner FEATHERS!  Cool!  Anyways, lots to pick from - maybe too much!? - but I know I will have fun making a mini for my partner!

What bees, groups or sew alongs have you joined lately?

A Quilter’s Table
Linked up

I made a 'Double Chocolate Chip Cheesecake' the other night from the "Great British Bake Off" cookbook (the one with Mary Berry on the front smiling) but it was only ok.  I didn't have the white chocolate that the recipe called for so I just added more plain chocolate chips but it all sunk to the base instead of being throughout the cheesecake.  Oh well - it was a learning experience!  I don't own a spring form pan either so I made it in a 9x9 Pyrex baking dish.  Worked fine but I can see the appeal of the spring form.  Not sure what I will make/bake next... stay tuned! 

Happy sewing, joining and baking!


purduepam said...

Great craft apron with amazing fabric combo. I really enjoy making aprons but never seem to keep them for myself. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment.

Colette said...

Great apron, very clever idea!

Debbie said...

What a great little craft apron - good idea!! And yay for trying a new recipe - always a good thing!! Thanks much for linking up to the {summer} table!

Di said...

A craft apron seems like a good idea. I'm forever loosing my scissors! I too have joined the Brit Quilt swap round 3. It feels easier to do after meeting folk at the FQR!! Di x

Cherie said...

Gosh you've been busy. Do you ever slow down! Love the tool bell...e thinks I'll have to make one for myself. I always forget things moving room to room!
I'm going to join the swap too! I just have to throw together a mosaic.
Cheesecakes are funny things. If the added extras are heavier than the mix, then they sink =D

Frauke said...

I like your modern Quilts Frauke of north Germany

Anonymous said...

Cute apron! I love the fabrics you chose!

Elizabeth said...

Your apron is so cute and useful at the same time! Love your fabrics! What a really great idea! Thank you for linking up!

xo -E