Sunday 18 November 2012

The kindness of strangers

The kindness of strangers (not everyone listed here is a stranger!) in this sewing/quilting/crafting blog world is astounding!  Just when I think the world is a big bad place, something wonderful restores my faith and reminds me that it isn't so bad after all :)  Acts of kindness are happening all over the place and to all sorts of people!  During the past couple of weeks, this kindness happened to me too - several times!! 

It all started at the London Modern Quilt Guild meeting last Sunday when Annie gave me a bundle of fabric - a fat quarter for every £10.00 I spent in her shop which was a generous offer she had on at The Village Haberdashery during Quilt Market a couple weeks ago.  She picked these for me and they are perfect!  Lime green, grey, white, blue and red - oh yes!

At the meeting, Charlotte also gave me some fabric - a roll of Stof fabric "just 'coz"!!  Charlotte knew I would love it and could use it.  How kind and sweet was that!?  These are the colours I am using in my KING SIZE wonky log cabin quilt - greens, purple and greys!

A little while ago I was part of a Scrap Vomit Swap of 2.5" squares and I blogged about the three sets of squares that I received.  I moaned mentioned that most of the squares I received were brown and then the kindness of strangers happened!  I had Erin of Missy Mac Creations [the mastermind behind Donktober] write to me saying that she would like to send me some squares for my quilt!  They arrived this week - from Australia!  Wonderful, aren't they?

And Moira of Kettle Boiler, who I met at Retreat in the summer, also wrote to me saying that she wanted to send me some fabric for my Scrap Vomit quilt too - and look at the deliciousness that she sent this week!!  Yum!

And the kindness doesn't stop there!  I am in a group called Lazy Bums and October's challenge was to work on my 'wonky houses and wonky trees' project and I did manage to get one more of each completed for an eventual quilt (?).  Tricia of Fresh Raspberriy Quilts helped me out and made me a house and a tree for my growing 'town' of crazy houses and wild trees!  Awesome!

I was also given some red and black felt from Shevvy a few weeks ago and I am thankful for that because I have used some of it to make a few different Christmas decorations/ornaments, including this little heart with snowflake.

A little red felt heart I made with the felt.

And last but not least, I won an electric copy of the fabulous book Hexa-go-go from Quilt Dad's blog a few weeks ago but had major difficulties downloading the book from the C&T Publishing link that I was sent.  I never did get it to download but the kindness of strangers once again occurred and I was sent a physical copy of the book from the USA from Jennifer at C&T.  Thanks for that!

So basically what I'm saying is that these acts of kindness by "strangers" have made my heart sing!!  When I'm having a particularly blue day all I do is remember that there are friendly, happy, kind people out there making the world a better place one parcel at a time so THANK YOU to each and every one of you for picking me up and reminding me the world is OK.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Leanne said...

You truly hang about with great "strangers".

M-R Charbonneau said...

I love hearing about these kinds of random acts of kindness! :D

Canadian Abroad said...

Kindness happens to you because you are so nice people wish to do nice things for you. And I am so happy they do.

Gertie Pye said...

Nice things happen to nice people! x

Di said...

People are kind. We just don't give people our time sometimes. Enjoy those lovely pressies. Di x

Pippa Parsons said...

yup there are some lovely people out there, if you send me the link for the book I could get my techie dh to try download it for you but if you've got the RL book you might not want to :)

Charlotte said...

awwwwwwww!!! I love our little community :-D

Annabella said...

Feeling all warm and fuzzy now - beautiful acts of kindness.

Jan said...

A lovely post, I love it when random acts of kindness happen. :)

Jan x

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

YAY for all the goodies! xo