Monday 19 November 2012

DQS 13 and schtuff

Holy moly!!  I'm in!!  DQS 13 had sign-ups and I got in!  I did not receive a 'we don't want you' message so woohoo - I'm in!  Let the nerves start twitching and the anxious wait to see who my partner is - and then let the excited stalking begin!!!  OMG - I am so excited!! 

To see the other mosaics being created, check this link out and plan to spend an hour trolling through to see all the AH--MAY--ZING inspiration out there!  It took me ages to make my mosaic for my future secret partner and I hope I haven't put too much crazy variety on there.  I love so many things though so it was hard to limit myself to just this selection:

For photo credits, please go to my mosaic in my Flickr photostream.
 Number 8 and 15 are two of my favourite-favourites which means I LOVE THEM.  The colours, the shapes, the space, the fabrics, the EVERYTHING about them.  Yum.  Looking at my mosaic can you tell I love a bit of wonky?  Wonky trees, wonky houses, wonky stars, wonky plants, wonky birds - even wonky squares in squares!!  There are so many amazing things out there to pick from and all of them are YUMMY!  Text prints, red, green, aqua, navy coloured fabrics are some of my favourites.  I love linen too - and dots!  Dislikes would be fabric with cats or Disney characters and I am not keen on gold paint on fabric either.

Ahhhh - I love fabricky schtuff! 

So, do you dislike blank spaces in mosaics like I do? 

Now is the time to share with you how to make your pictures in Flickr to be PUBLIC so they can appear in a mosaic that someone else makes!  There were several 'favourites' that just wouldn't appear in my DQS 13 mosaic and I hate blank squares so hopefully people will read this and change their settings and we will all have fewer blank spaces from now on!!  I didn't know that my pictures weren't appearing in Danielle's mosaic until she told me my "Can't grow a Mo, sew a Mo" block wouldn't appear in the mosaic she was making.  Not sure if I solved the problem yet so please do tell me if my images won't appear in your mosaic (if you ever decided you want one of my images in a mosaic that is!!!).

Steps to allow your photos appear in mosaics:
  1. Along the top bar in Fickr, go to the second option from the left which is a drop down menu called YOU.
  2. In the drop down list pick option YOUR ACCOUNT.
  3. Within this page there is a bar of options along the top and you want the second from the left called PRIVACY & PERMISSIONS.
  4. There are several options on this new page -- 'Allow others to share your stuff' and 'Allow your stuff to be added to a gallery' -- edit those (edit found on the right side on each line) to say YES!
  5. That should allow your images to be seen in mosaics! 
**Oh and make sure when downloading your pictures that they are set to 'public' as well!

If I have missed anything PLEASE let me know and I will amend these steps!  As a newbie to Flickr there are always things to learn so keep teaching me people!!



Di said...

Well done to being included in the swap. I will check my Flickr options! Di x

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

Lucky you to get in. I always miss the sign-ups for these things. Your mosaic is awesome. Loving the birds (#4) and house with the heart (#13).

PS - I'm such a nincompoop that I've only just realised I wasn't actually following you. Duh! All fixed now. ;)

Kelly said...

Love the mosaic and am looking forward to seeing what you make x

Charlotte said...

oooh! exciting!!!! (and I spy my little mini in there! Thanks lovely!!!)

Annabella said...

Well done on getting in! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Colette said...

How exciting! Great mosaic, number 8 is a stunner!

Beezus said...

I had two blanks in my mosaic as well. :( I hate hate hate it when that happens, but I just figured people were all antsy about others "borrowing" their photos, so I've always just let it go. Can't wait to find out who's who for partners! And in case you're curious, I'm mollyjolly over on flickr. :)