Monday 5 November 2012

Procrastination snowman

Yup, I'm procrastinating AGAIN!  I should be working on my Scrappy Stash quilt-as-you-go blocks and my Pervalong quilt but my migraine has dictated something small and fast.  May I present to you: 

Procrastination Snowman
Dressed for the cold weather

He is 8 inches tall.  Tall - and skinny.  That's what UK snowmen look like as there isn't much snow around (in these parts anyways) to be a round, fat 'robust' fella. 

Happy Christmas snowing..... I mean sewing!!!! 


Charlotte said...

bahahahahaha! Are you sure that's a snowman? Fnarr.

AECDesigns said...

He looks so cold!
...but adorable!

Gertie Pye said...

He is a sweet little fella but he also looks like another 'little fella' ha ha! Maybe stitch him a hat just to be safe :)

Gertie Pye said...
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Gertie Pye said...

Sorry - Blogger posted twice!

sew.darn.quilt said...

That may depend on what kind of "hat", Gertie ;O)
Naked or dressed, this boy makes a statement, that's for sure.
Thank you for the chuckle!

Shevvy said...

Oh dear! I was just feeling sorry for the poor skinny chap and then I read Gerties comment!

Bad thoughts in my head now!