Thursday 26 July 2012

WiP Wednesday & Olympic torch

Happy Wednesday!

My list remains pretty much the same as last week though I did complete another Great Granny square/block.  Yay for me!  Only seven more to go!  I finally got my 12.5" ruler so I can finally square up my Bee blocks and these granny blocks.  One step closer to becoming quilts, yay!

I am feeling particularly determined recently and have set a goal to get working on some of my super-outstanding WiP's, my UFO's and even some of my PIG's and PhD's.  To those of you who aren't sure what those all mean:
Star of AfricaWiP = work in progress
UFO = unfinished object 
PIG = project in grocery bag
PhD = project half done

Why am I mega motivated to get loads done?  So I can play along with the Lazy Bums group!!  There are 12 of us hoping to get one WiP/UFO/PIG/PhD done a month  (or more) and to fill in our bingo cards and get points and we can even challenge each other to duels and all sorts of crazy stuff!  Fun huh - what a great motivator to get things done!  Wish me luck! 

My newest WiP is my second attempt at my Pretty Pleats Reversible Tote.  I screwed up the fabric [black and cream dots by Cosmo Cricket] on the first attempt so here is my second attempt [Laura Dunn and Kona fabric] and so far so good:

I had to stop there because the tension has gone all funny again on Mr Toyota and I didn't want to mess is version up!  So "all" I have to do tomorrow is work on the handles... Fingers crossed it looks ok when completed.  I'm not sure about the brick Kona anymore - oh well.

Linking to Freshly Pieced WiP Wednesday.

The Olympic torch went through my town today.   I waited over an hour for this exciting event and this is the picture I snapped of it [anyone sensing my disappointment or sarcasm?]:  

Yes, that is the torch running away from me!  And what is worse than my rotten photo?  The fact that we didn't even get a coke or Frisbee drum thing from the Coke promotions van!!  Boo.  But on a positive note, I got to 'scive' for over an hour with my workmates and hey - I saw the Olympic torch [which is pretty cool actually]!!  So in summary, I am sad to say that I still haven't caught the 'Olympic fever' but I may have caught some sun though, which is pretty darn exciting for me! 

Happy sewing!


M-R Charbonneau said...

Sorry about the torch experience, but yay for some sun! Love those acronyms - - hadn't heard of PIG or PhD before. Nice job with the granny square!

Charlotte said...

we were going to see the torch as it came through Finchley, but there was the whole being boiling hot thing, as well as the needing to see some puppies issue. Olympics, shmolympics

Di said...

Like your great granny block and the whole idea of finishing projects! Sorry that the torch passed you by. We had marching bands and street theatre to accompany it down our little main street. At least you caught some rays! Di x

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the torch yet, not too sure the flame would inspire more excitement either. But an hour of fun in the sun - that's different!

Pennie said...

I saw an unlit torch in the pub garden at lunchtime today where a woman was charging people to have their photo taken with it. Now, the money was going to charity it seemed and I have obviously no problem with that concept, but while I could almost grasp it would be exciting for the young kids that were going up, I could not see how there was any meaning in having your photo taken with someone else's unlit torch in a pub garden!! I clearly also don't yet have the Olympic bug.....

Sarah Ashford said...

I shall have to put in a complaint with my sister - she is driving the Coke car!!! I only got a drum because she put one in the post to my daughter. We live in the Channel Islands so only a plane load of Olympic people came to visit, no coke car here...and like you, in a few seconds the torch had been and gone!! PS Now I can tell everyone I am doing a PhD ;-)

Kelly said...

Cool granny block - I had the chance to see the torch come through Tooting on Monday and then decided I couldn't deal with the crowds and being %ft nothing probably wouldn't have seen it anyway ;-)

Cherie said...

Great looking granny block I think I'll make mine with the longer background sections in future as I always seem to lose the points.
The group sounds like fun. I'll look forward to hearing more on that. Ha now you can say you have a PhD in sewing!!

The torch came through our town too! My brothers went to go see if. I wont rub it in that my Older brother got some awesome shots on his phone..... =D