Sunday 8 July 2012

3rd Quarter FAL goals

I participated in the Quilter in the Gap's 2nd Quarter Finish-Along and found it to be quite a motivating way to get thinking about and working on my WiP's.  So, I have carefully assessed my list and have decided to be a bit more ambitious in the 3rd Quarter and list five things!  I listed three last time and managed to get two done so I hope I can achieve similar (or better) success this time round!! 

My 3rd Quarter Finish Along goals are as follows:

1.  Finish the Mod Sampler quilt [Oh! Fransson pattern] - make a back, baste, bind, label

2.  Finish my Union Jack full size pillow case from Fat Quarterly Retreat [Lily's Quilts paper pieced pattern]

3.  Create, stitch, label and post a mini quilt for my secret partner in the Brit Quilt Swap Round 3 (design already done)
Possible fabric choices for the mini quilt - I have the design already. 
4.  Cut and stitch together my Pretty Pleats Reversible Bag 

5.  Make more blocks, sew, make a back, baste, bind, label my 'My Precious' Amy Butler fabric quilt

This might be a little ambitious for the 3rd quarter because I am away for a fortnight in the middle of it all and when I return I have a thousand and one things to get done for Bees and swaps -- but I like a challenge and a deadline [and the prize incentive helps too!!].  I figure that if half of these things get done then I am half way closer to finishing the rest - right!!??  That's a little bit of 'Amy' logic for you!!

Linking my goals to Quilter in the Gap.


Di said...

Well you have your work cut out here. Go to it Mrs! Di x

Cherie said...

You must really love challenges! Great set of projects to be starting and finishing off there! =D

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Oh Amy, so many awesome projects! Good luck getting them done, it will be so worth it :o)