Saturday 24 March 2012

Shaggy denim potholders

Well, I've busy doing some more London FQ retreat "sample swap" test sewing again.  For test sample #2, I made set of Shaggy Denim Potholders.  These have two layers of denim, two layers of fabric (one plaid and one plain) and one layer of wadding.  They feel nice and thick but can still move with a soft firmness so you can grip the pot easily but with confidence.  How's that for a description?!

Washed and dried once.  They will get shaggier the more I wash them.  
Close-up of free motion appliqued hearts (is 'free motion applique' a term?).
I love shaggy edges!!
I used belt loops for the hanging tabs from a pair of up-cyled jeans that Mr Crafty Shenanigans wore once and then donated to my craft pile, plus part of one of his plaid shirts (you know I love plaid!!).  I love re-purposed items - they are a great way to recycle and to put the 'make do and mend' attitude into practice. 

Yesterday I used interfacing for the first time ever in my life when I created the little bag with the button closure and now I have another 'first' to add to my list!  I used Pellon fusible Wonder Under to attach the hearts before I sewed over them.  A few weeks ago I won a gift certificate to spend at Blooming Felt and the fusible adhesive is one of the items I ordered.  So glad I did as it was easy to use and quite useful too.  I think I will use Wonder Under again on other projects...maybe on another test sample!!?

So, to recap:
Test sample 1 - folded flap button-closure bag
Test sample 2 - shaggy denim potholders

Stay tuned for test sample 3!!  How many test samples will I make?  I'm not too sure - I suppose I'll just keep sewing until I get to a project that I want to make four of! 

Oh and don't forget that we have to put our clocks forward tonight... One less hour to sew! 


MarneyMay said...

Hi Amy your pot holders are great.

Cherie said...

So cute! I couldn't believe the one less hour! =D

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Thanks! Question for you then -> if you were going to get a mystery item from a stranger in a swap, which item would you prefer? These potholders or the little bag with button? :)

Charlotte said...

those are really cute! I love the belt loop bit :-D

Anonymous said...

love your free motion applique, fab pot holders!

thorngrove said...

I love these! And the recycling aspect just makes them even more awesome. :-)

Just Sew Sue said...

Little bag with the button. :)

Be careful to make sure the outlet on your washing machine doesn't get blocked with bits as the denim gets fluffy and sheds fibres. Friendly advice from someone who has caused a flood after a denim rag quilt. ;)

Pam @Threading My Way said...

A great way to repurpose old jeans! The red hearts go so well with the denim...

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!!! What a great way to reuse denim!! I'm pinning!

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