Friday 16 March 2012

The one with fabrics in...

Even the packaging was awesome!
Oh my days - what a fabric feast I am having!!  My package from The Village Haberdashery arrived this morning and I squealed with excitement - the poor postman made a hasty retreat!!  I couldn't resist opening it just to PEAK inside and can you believe it I actually waited until I got home for lunch to spread the contents out and drool!!  Such self constraint, yes?  Even the packaging it arrived in was yummy (can they make that into a fabric??!!). Here are some photos of the pure fantastic-ness that I now have in to play with all weekend.

A {few} Kona solids, some thread and some fun bird fabric.

Oh yes - some Ruby Star typewriters!

And here is the whole lot in a yummy-scrummy stack.  Lucky me!
Wellllll...which ones should I use first?  I might just keep re-arranging them over and over again and admiring them!  Once I've had enough of that I think I will work on my first solids block.

On Sunday I'll be checking out The Stitch & Craft Show in London.  There will be a display of some of the quilts that have been made for the Olympians who will be participating in the London games this summer.  I can't wait to see these and get some ideas and inspiration. 

So, I will catch you later - I'm off to admire my new fabrics [thanks again Annie]!
P.S. Tomorrow is National Quilt Day!!  How will you celebrate it?


Annie @ The Village Haberdashery said...

You're the first to blog about the packaging (that I've seen)and that made my day! In fact the design was inspired by fabric - Puti de Pome bubbles. See it here:

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Too cool :) I love that you designed your own bags inspired by a yummy bit of fabric. You have added some real special touches to your shop which makes it very nice to shop from and look at. Cheers!

Kelly said...

Good haul! I just ordered the typewriter bundle from Annie - couldn't resist ;)