Monday 26 March 2012

Covered journal and 'sew' much more


Mondays are the busiest day of the week for me, and especially after a busy Sunday (so much to blog about!!).  I managed to get quite a bit of fabric cutting done - so time consuming - for a couple of new projects and managed to get some sewing done too, though the word 'done' is not quite accurate as I seemed to make more WiP's than finish anything specific!  Tonight I worked on new quilt top using some large scraps (and some solids) in teal/turquoise/green.  More about that another time.  So, where shall I start?

Ok, I did another Wonky Log Cabin for the London Modern Quilt Group homework for the meeting this coming Sunday.  I made this one the right size!!  When I made the first one I got carried away and it ended up being 15.5 inches square so this one is 12.5 inches square.  I love anything wonky, as many of you know, so I can say that I love this block.  Yay for wonky!!  I managed to use a few more of the scraps from the scrap bag swap at the beginning of the month and included some recycled men's shirt material too. 

Both of my WONKY LOG CABIN blocks - 15.5 square and 12.5 square, unfinished size
Yesterday, I made test sample #3 for the sample swap that I am participating in at the Fat Quarterly retreat in London in June.  Not convinced I will make those to give - too small.  So tonight I will share with you test samples #4 and #5.  These are a bit cheeky really as I made the Journal Cover a little while back, and #5 is the Scrappy Fabric Basket I made for the February LMQG meeting.  Still valid contenders though - I can see myself making four of each of these projects. 
Journal cover made using fabrics from my very first quilt (up-cycled men's shirts)

So, test sample #4 is the Journal Cover.  These fabrics are from my very first quilt which was a recycled men's shirt quilt.  One day I will take a picture of my first quilt so you can see it (and how far I've come!). 

The second picture of the journal shows a photograph tucked in the side of the journal.  This is one of our family heirloom quilts.  As far as I know, it is a Jacob's Ladder pattern so please do let me know if I'm mistaken!  I'd love to know what it is if you know! 
I'm not sure if that quilt began its life as a red and white quilt, but it is now definitely pink and white!  FYI - this is my inspiration for Week 2 of the Sew Into Solids group/gang.  I'm a little behind with the solids group so I will do a separate post all about my plans and inspiration for the quilt I will make out of solids.  There is just so much going on :) 
Test sample #4 - Journal cover.  Here is the journal 'open'.   
Test sample #5 is the Scrappy Fabric Basket I made in February, which is one of my most favourite things I have ever made!  I have lots and lots of fabric scraps so I could easily make four of these, in a variety of colours, for the swap.
Test sample #5 - scrappy fabric basket.
And to round it all off, I started test sample #6 last night after I cut a whole load of 2.5 inch squares.  I found a pattern to use this block in so stay tuned for this one to be completed!  I love the colours together.  I need to order more solids though to make the next 'thing' as I used a load of my solids tonight in the quilt top I was working on...  Solids are just so yummy!!! 
Test sample #6 - work in progress!
A quick recap:
Test sample 1 - folded flap button-closure bag
Test sample 2 - shaggy denim potholders
Test sample 3 - mini drawstring thing/pouch
Test sample 4 - journal
Test sample 5 - scrappy fabric basket
Test sample 6 - work in progress

That's it for sewing over the past 24 or so hours!  So much more to do in teh next 24 hours as wel!  I have great hopes to add my teal/turquoise/green scrappy quilt over on the Scrap Attack with Stitched in Colour if I can get it done in time!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Scrap Attack Quilt-Along

And I've saved the best for last:  I won a competition over on Patchworknplay a week or so ago and my parcel arrived today - all the way from Australia!  Yippee!  Susan was very kind to post it to me from 'down under and it is really appreciated.  I received some YUMMY things and can't wait to tuck in:

All wrapped up with a wee flag too! 
I won, I won!  Thank you Patchworknplay! 
Wow eh?  I won five different weight Aurifil threads, four fat 1/8ths of awesome fabric and the cutest, most unique and most secure needlecase I've ever seen.  This will come in handy at the FQ retreat!  Be sure to check her blog out - it's awesome!  Thank you for my amazing prize - and for sending it so quickly :)

I'm linking up with Canoe Ridge Creations for {sew} Modern Monday and Sew Many Ways' Sew Darn Crafty link party!   Check out the blogs there too!!

Good night - see you Tuesday!

[UPDATE:  Also linking up with the fabulous Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday]


Anonymous said...

you have been very busy, love the wonky log cabins.

Charlotte said...

wow! busy indeed! I am most impressed :-D

Kelly said...

Super busy! Love the wonky's :)

Cherie said...

Wow so busy. The basket is so cute. Loving the wonky log cabin blocks!! Glad you got the squares quickly! Wasn't sure how long they would take to reach you!! =D

DJCoolbear said...

According to my 5,500 Quilt Block Designs book: your heirloom quilt is a Jacob's Ladder but could also be called: Going to Chicago, Golden Stairs, Off to San Fransisco, Railroad Road to California and Susie's fancy...

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Hey thanks for the confirmation Daniel! I had no idea that it had so many other names! I gotta get me one of those books ;)