Sunday 25 March 2012

Mini plaid drawstring thing

Testing, testing - one-two-THREE

For a Sunday morning I've been busy!  Despite losing an hour of sleep/crafting time because of daylight savings, I have managed to sew my third test sample [yay!!] for the sample swap I'm participating in at the Fat Quarterly retreat in London in June. 

I've made a 'thing'.  I'm not sure what to call it so perhaps it will be called a 'Mini drawstring pouch'.

Here it is all closed/scrunched up.  Finally - an item photographed in daylight!

Here it is opened up.  I could put something small inside and close it up and use as a gift bag.

Here it is opened up and turned upside down so you can see what it looks like before scrunching. 
I bought the rock with the dragonfly at the Country Living Spring Fair on Thursday - so awesome!

If I decide to make four of these little things, I will need to go buy loads of ribbon as I do not have enough long bits in the house, or the right colours to suit the fabric I would make these in.  I do have a couple more tests/ideas to sew up THEN I will make a decision which I will reproduce into four yummy things to give to total strangers.  You can see test sample #1 here (folded flap button-closure bag) and test sample #2 here (shaggy denim potholders).  I wonder what the other 30 people will be sewing?  Lucky we are in groups of 5 so we only have to swap 4 items, otherwise I'd really be in a tizzy!

So that is that.  Better go finish changing all the clocks otherwise I will be all confused at what time it REALLY is!  Happy SUNNY Sunday :)


Joanne said...

Love your new "drawstring thing" - great name too! Very different design, looks lovely.

Charlotte said...

that's really cute. How on earth are you going to choose???

Cherie said...

Looks really good! Can't wait to see your other samples =D

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lovely scruchie bag...wouldn't that make a nice gift filled with chocolate eggs or the like....yummy :-)

Hope you managed to get your clocks changed..I saw several moms changing their clocks after parking at the school run...including me. It's the one clock that is always forgotten :-)

Kathryn D. Duke said...

this is too cool.....and a great gift idea Too!!