Thursday 23 February 2012

Shoulder (baby burp) blanket

One of the ladies I work with was anxiously waiting for her second grandchild to arrive - this little one was LATE!  This gave me time to create a little something for grandma to have when she babysits the little bundle of girlie joy that would enter the world!  I started with a wonky star in pinks, which I knew the grandma would like, and continued making it into whatever it wanted to be!  I don't actually possess many pinks in my stash or scrap collection so I used what I could.  For the back, I put some super soft dimpled cream minky fleece on the back and sewed it up into a rectangular blanket/burp pad/shoulder protector/mini play mat.  She was really pleased with it when I gave it to her and has commissioned me to do a cot size quilt!  Yay for me!  Sorry the photos aren't that great - I should have put the blankie on a darker background! 

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BarefootThunder said...

just found you from your button @ happy quilting. burp cloth is fantastic, niece has a baby due.Something like this would be a great addition to to the quilt I am making !! thanks for the inspiration :)

I also think the houses and trees are adorable :)