Friday 24 February 2012

Potatoes and garden(ing)

I am getting mentally prepared for my 2012 gardening season!  We only moved to this place last May so I didn't get to do any vegetable growing last year apart from a few sad tomato plants.  So, this year I am preparing to grow:
  • potatoes - four types
  • tomatoes - cherry and regular
  • green, yellow and purple beans
  • carrots - two types
  • several lettuces
  • several different herbs
  • rhubarb - two types
  • and I want to plant an apple tree plus whatever else I can fit in!
The yard is on a steep downward angled slope with really bad weeds and horrible grass, and has a flat-ish patch at the very bottom which gets 100% shade (now that we have a wooden fence).  I don't have a proper patio so I hope to make a levelled area too, in the area that the previous tenants made what they called a 'rockery' (an area of pebbles - bags and bags of pebbles and a few cigarette ends).  Nice.  I have three raised beds to put in but they need to be at the left side of the yard to get the sun, which is where a thorny rose plant and bush are.  These may have to be sacrificed!

I have my potatoes chitting away nicely here in the living room, ready for the nice weather to arrive, and a picture of the 'before-before' garden.   

This is 'before-before'.  Since this picture was taken we have had a wooden fence put up.
Happy gardening!

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