Sunday 12 February 2012

St Valentine's Day fabric basket

I've been a busy girl and have finished my homework!  I was trying to think of what to make for the London UK Modern Quilt Guild February Challenge [St Valentine's so could be red/pink/love or however you interpret it!] and I was searching through the quilting blogs for inspiration and ideas and discovered Pink Penguin's tutorial for Fabric Baskets.  I whipped this scrappy one up in a couple of hours - and I still have a few days to spare before Valentine's Day!!
I will certainly make a few more with my stash of scraps AND with the scraps I will get at the March LMQG meeting (we are having a scrap swap). I zig-zag stitched some wadding scraps together for the inside and the bottom of the basket is actually a cotton/linen sample from John Lewis so this truly is a basket made from scraps!  There you have it - my St Valentine's themed scrap basket.  I LOVE scraps, I LOVE red, I LOVE plaid, I LOVE free stuff and I LOVE this basket.  Best of all it is MADE WITH LOVE!   

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