Saturday 11 October 2014

4th Quarter FAL 2014 - ambitious goals!

For the final quarter of 2014 I thought I should keep with tradition and write another long list of things I would like to complete over the next THREE MONTHS!  Three months sounds like a long time but when you are a project-magpie like I am then more things get started than finished!

Here are my slightly (hahaha) ambitious goals for the 4th quarter:

1.  Must make binding, attach binding, hanging sleeve and label on my 4 Things quilt

2.  Make a back, sandwich, baste, quilt, bind and label my Diamonds in Diamonds quilt

3.  Nat's Sew Together Bag

4.  IG Mini Swap Mini Swoon #flossysgroup for swap

5.  Sew Sew Modern 6 sewing machine cover or mini quilt for swap

 6.  Simply Solids Amaranth group bee quilt  - make back, sandwich, baste, quilt, bind and label

7.  HipBees bee quilt - sew 5 more blocks sew into a top, add back, sandwich, baste, quilt, bind, label

8.  Messenger Bag - I have had this on my list for a very long time!!  I need a new bag desperately!!  Wish me luck!

Picture from Michelle Patterns

9.  Grocery Bags for Christmas presents - I have already cut out pieces for five bags in the three different sizes

Image from Michelle Patterns

10. Big Bear - add paws, border, back, sandwich, baste, quilt, bind, label


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Leanne said...

Good luck, you can do it! I especially love the bear, but really each of these projects is wonderful.

Sarah said...

Phew! Great list. Wishing you speedy fingers to get through that lot.

the running hare said...

Wow Amy, that's quite a list! . Hoping you get it all done

Izzy said...

Good list - very ambitious list! Good luck! :-)

Pennie said...

Fabulous list. I love your four things quilt. Also I want to make a new bag, so let's make the next #nintendoguild a bag making day :-)

jeifner said...

Luck! I love your words quilt

agnes said...

Wow that is quite a list. Love that low volume quilt and bear!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

How have I not seen your four things quilt before? It's stunning! Good luck with everything on your list, I hope the bear is at the top!