Sunday 12 October 2014

The Fox Swap - received and sent

I love swaps.  You know that already, I'm sure!! I recently participated in The Fox Swap over on Flickr.  I followed along on Instagram too and each time a foxy item popped up I fell more in love. 

So when my parcel from my 'Twinnie' arrived I danced and danced.  Trash - you are the best!  Look what you sent me:

I love my new foxy neck warmer scarf kitted by your fair hands!  He is perfection!  I also love the pouches you made for me - terry cloth green [I LOVE GREEN] trimmed pouch with embroidery and button closure (very cleverly done) and zippy pouch with a foxy gentleman fox wearing very smart glasses and shiny ribbon detail (ah.may.zing).  Here are front and back pictures of these two pouches:

I really was spoiled - look at the handcrafted key chain, the cute eraser and artwork card:

Speaking of artwork, look the foxy way Trash decorated the packaging.  Isn't she clever (as a fox)?

I was so surprised that Trash had me as her partner and was so excited when I opened each item up.  Yup - she wrapped each and every item!

Thank you so much Trash.  You are one foxy lady and have created and crafted amazing original creations just for me.  I love everything.  xx

For my partner KarinKasja on Flickr I decided to applique a fox first:

This cheeky fox is from a Kip & Fig fox pattern.  I picked some flowery orange fabric and some text fabric (I love text fabric) and fused it to the bag front - before sewing!!  See how I left the texty fabric sort of shaggy and textured?  Clever right!!?  I'm so lucky that the fox ended up exactly where I hoped it would after the bag was sewn - just off to the right side!  Aurifil #5009 was used for the satin stitch.  The pattern for the tote was the Michelle Patterns Grocery Tote in medium.  Hard to photograph but a fantastic bag. 

I added my fancy label inside the tote before I sewed it together (yes, I thought about that BEFORE I sewed it together - miracle eh?) which I think adds a nice finishing touch to the bag! 

Here is the whole parcel that I sent.

I had so much fun in The Fox Swap.  Now I am busy working on two more swap parcels for later this year.  I love swaps!!


trash said...

You are so very welcome Twinnie. The towelling one is the Noodlehead travelpouch for toothpaste/brush etc.

Jeneta said...

Wow - what great swap items! I love your foxy neck warmer scarf (though I think you might be in mortal danger when you wear it out - there will be many who will covet it!) and the applique fox is fabulous (leaving the text fabric shaggy was genius!).

Farm Quilter said...

Great swap, in both directions!!! Love that foxy scarf!!!

LethargicLass said...

The grocery bag is so cute!!

legato1958 said...

What an awesome swap exchange between you and Trash! I love the fox bag that you made (such cool fabrics!) , and love that Fox scarf that you received!