Thursday 5 September 2013

Wonkyville update

Welcome to Wonkyville!

Well, my little wonky village with wonky trees continues to grow!  "Wonkyville" is still accepting new residents and trees to be planted so contact me if you would like to make me a wonky house or wonky tree to be included!

Last week a UNICORN decided he wanted to come live in Wonkyville and thank you Krys/treewytch for sending this magical fella to my village!  She even did some artwork on the package!  I met Krys at the London Quilt meeting recently - hello!

And at the guild meeting, Ruth passed me this happy feminine aqua and pink home (with a lovely fussy cut flower in the window) to be added to 'Wonkyville':

Colette gave me this funky tree and house - her colours are always so stunning and look - she used some of her handprinted fabric!!

Jo sent me this wonky pine tree and wonky house all the way from Canada.  The leaves on the fabric are perfect for the tree and I love the cross hatch house!
Wonkyville grew again when I received this happy cheerful yellow house from Styka from the USA.  She tells me this was her first time making wonky and scrappy - well done!!  

And Gertie Pie gave me a cool dotty house and cool dotty tree which are most welcome to have a place in Wonkyville!  I do love a tall tree!! 

Thank you everyone who has helped me along this journey so far.  I will continue to collect houses and trees for as long as people want to sew them for me so please get in touch!  Here is another one I have made:

For the exclusive draw [for the people I have received houses and trees from], I will be drawing several winners on the last day of September so get those houses and trees in fast if you want to be in the draw.  I will do a post about the prizes soon!!  

From Amy, chief resident of Wonkyville!


Gertie Pye said...

The tall tree was even taller - about 9 inches tall - before I went back to your original blog post and realised that it might look a little out of place unless you were having some giant redwoods in Wonkyville! So I chopped the bottom of the tree out to make it a bit more in keeping with the house!

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said...

Looking fab! I have to get a move on. :)

gilly said...

I think you should be appointed Mayoress of Wonkyville!
Love the dotty house especially - it's going to be a fab little town :-)
Happy weekend,

Kelly said...

The queen of wonk ;-) Was watching a tv show about your place of work the other night :)

Indianna said...

Wonkyville looks such a great place to live. I'd love a unicorn as my neighbour!

Turid said...

Oh, I love all your wonky houses and trees. There are some more flying to you from Norway. You'll have them in a few days time.

treewytch said...

I can't wait to see your village cone together. It's going to be glorious.

Pippa Parsons said...

I forgot I was making some, what background colour and what size roughly, don't want to be too small or large in wonkyville

Pennie said...

Blimey, better get a shift on with mine......

Sarah Lou said...

Loving all these new additions to Wonkyville Mrs Mayor!