Saturday 21 September 2013


See what I did there?  Swap + happy = swapappy :)

Yes I am one happy girl!!  I think by now you know that I am a little obsessed with swaps and participate in them frequently, right?  Well let me show you why I am so happy!!!

Nicky set up the Stamp it Up Swap shorty after Fat Quarterly Retreat because she loved the Rubber stamp class we took with Tacha.  I HAD to join in that swap because I love printmaking too!!  For my secret partner I made a pencil stamp and stamped some pencil 'fabric' and made that into a sleeping bag pencil case (tutorial by ayliN-Nilya). 

My pencil stamp
A 'pencil' pencil case

Of course the most exciting thing about secret swaps is that you get something sent to you in return!!  After seeing all the fab things being posted in the Stamp it Up Swap Flickr group and wondering which item would become mine, I received this PERFECT little open wide pouch from Sonia of Fabric and Flowers.  She chose my fav colours and even added some hand stitching along the base.  And look - a yummy red zip.  Isn't this the sweetest thing?  Thank you Sonia - I LOVE it!!!!

Hand stamped pouch


I was also in the ~sewing room swap~ where I made this mini wall hanging (plus a pouch) for my partner.  I added a detachable clock button, some scissors on the floor and a thimble on top of the books.  I even made a name badge lanyard to hang on the cupboard door knob!  I used some selvages to make books in a stack on the left!  These details were a lot of fun to add. I found it quite hard to give this away - but I did!!

Stash Cupboard pattern by Quiet Play

Scissors pattern by Quiet Play

What did I receive?  Well let me tell you!  I am thrilled that I received a pair of perfect Flea Market Fancy and linen box pouches AND a huge length of Flea Market Fancy scalloped bunting!!  Lucky duck me or what!!??  I've wanted some bunting for my sewing closet for ages and this is awesome!!!  And the sewing on the pouches is very very professional - I am in awe!!  Thank you Rachel / Creative Quilt Girl for stalking me so well!!   

Sewing Room swap parcel received
So, now you know why I LOVE being in swaps :)  Thank you Sonai and Rachel -- I'm 'sew' swapappy!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your pencil stamp and the fabric is super cute!

Catherine said...

Your pencil stamp is just fab, and your pencil case using it is great!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I love the my pencil stamped zip pouch so much. Thanks, Amy!

DeborahGun said...

such lovely swaps. I enjoyed my first swap recently too - it was fun. Love seeing what you have made with Kristys pp patterns - I want to use one of them to make a present for a sewing friend - so fun to see different ideas :-)

Charlotte said...

oooh - lovely!!!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Lovely and Fabulous! I've been enjoying seeing those pencils, and now, in action!

Sonia said...

So glad that you love it :) And lovely paper piecing - a testament to your patience (I always end up swearing at myself/machine/fabric when i do it!)!!!

treewytch said...

The pencil case is so fabulous. I'm very jealous of your swap partner :)