Tuesday 19 February 2013

Sew Sew Modern - received!


How lucky am I?  My jolly Royal Mail man brought me my Sew Sew Modern swap parcel yesterday:

Thank you to Monica (buttoncounter) for making me this gorgeous table runner.  Look -- it has DACHSHUNDS on it!  How cool is it that she included my little Jax on the project!!?  Very very cool, let me tell you!!  No note in the parcel so I had to go back into the Flickr photostream to know who it was from as I couldn't tell from the packaging.  The runner has all sorts of yummy text prints on it - wow she 'got' me!

Monica also made me a generously sized Zakka style fabric basket which is the perfect size for scraps (or candy)!  She picked all the best colours and prints for me.  I love red, aqua, blue, green, grey and text -- so I got everything I love in both of the projects!  The grey is lovely and soft tee-shirt material.  Leaves = gorgeous. 

The sewing on both projects is immaculate and precise.  The appliqued circles on the runner are perfect circles!  How is that possible?  And the hand stitching on the Zakka box is amazing - I wish I could stitch like that!!  And look at the inside of the Zakka box - how cool are these fabrics!!?  It even says 'Eat more chocolate' on the bottom so I have been doing my best to follow the instructions!  ;)

I was also sent some fab goodies too - a pot of red BUTTONS (I love buttons - great stalking Monica!!), a Noteworthy charm pack, a mini charm pack in Snap Pop and some Lotta fq's!  Yum! Christmas in February for me then!!!

So, to sum it up (in case I wasn't clear), I ADORE what I have been sent and send a huge THANK YOU to Monica for being a super swap partner!!  xx

What did I send?  Click here to see!


Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Awesome swap gifts! The appliqued circles look fab!

heart of charnwood said...

Wow, that is a fab swap package, lucky, lucky you, I love them all, but the texty table runner is just perfect. : )

Second Chance Tan said...

Phew...... this is an amazing swap - lucky you x

Elizabeth's quarters said...

Monica is incredibly generous - lucky you - I particularly love the fabric basket.

Sarah Lou said...

Sounds like an amazing swap! Love the dachshunds and the sheer quantity of fabric- lush!

Mary Menzer said...

What a great receive! That table runner is adorable, what a great idea with the text fabrics. Those are so handy, I need to get more of those.