Thursday 3 May 2012

WiP Wednesday & TNT Thursday

Happy belated hump day! 

Today is Thursday [yikes] - where did Wednesday go?  A hugely busy day at work and then pottery class - that's where.  I have a few stoneware things to show you tomorrow :)

You should see what I received in the post yesterday!  My very own name badge for the Fat Quarterly Retreat!  Susan from the Canadian Abroad made me this amazing lanyard name badge which has my blog name on it too!  I wish I could embroider like that!  She included fabric with a sausage dog (my favourite dog and a little like Jax) and embroidered some 'wagging tail' action marks!  She obviously did a superb job stalking me checking me out and she embroidered some daisies too!  Amazing how something that small can be embellished with so much yumminess - it rocks!  Susan also made me the cutest gnome pin cushion.  He looks very happy to be MINE now.  Thank you Susan - I can't wait to wear my name badge - and to meet you in June! 

This week I spent a few hours cutting and sewing my Siblings Together Savanna Bop quilt top together.  I decided to use blocks of 8.5" (the width of my cutting ruler) x a variety of widths ranging from 3" to 8.5" to create long horizontal rows which I would sash with white or off-white.  I have the 6 horizontal strips all done and pressed.  Just need to add the sashing now and the top will be done.  I should have the top completed later tonight.  Not sure what to do with the back yet.  Will need to purchase some fabric and wadding...  Will I meet the deadline?  Fingers crossed.

No white sashing yet...
All the while I that I was sewing I was wondering who would receive my quilt at the Siblings Together camp.  A young boy no doubt as these fabrics are quite baby boy-ish in colour.  I hope he, whoever he is, will love it.  I'm certainly having fun making it :)

So that is my most current WiP.  I got a lot done this past week and managed to cross off the placemats (finally done), my London Modern Quilt Guild mini quilt, my Figgy Pudding table topper and a (credit) Card Holder using Amy Butler fabrics.  Not bad going I'd say!  Still have a few outstanding WiP's and UFO's but I can't bear to think about them today because it's Thursday and Thursdays are for trying new things! 

So for Try new Things Thursday, I have these little beauties [or should it be moo-ties] to show you:

My mini Moo cards!!  They arrived yesterday too!  Aren't they great?  I've seen a few people order these and squeal with delight when they arrive so I thought I'd see what all the fuss was and GOT HOOKED!  Susan sent me one in her name badge package so I've already started 'trading' them!  Susan: I'll be sure to pass one of mine to you in June!  Did you know that they can do stickers of your images too!!?  Genius!  Even my husband thought these mini Moo cards were pretty cool :)  So, I have tried something new - I ordered 'social business cards', if that is a term, which I have never done before.  In fact I don't think I've ever had a business card before.  Now I feel pretty clever.  And awesome.  And important.  And perhaps a little nervous that people may not want one....

Ok, one last thing.  You should see my green, yellow and purple 'green' beans - they are 2-4 inches tall already!!!  Can't wait to plant them out and wait for the beans to grow so I can eat them.  Yum!! [Purple beans, by the way, turn green once cooked so they are more fun to eat raw.  What kid wouldn't want to eat purple 'green' beans?!!]

Happy Thursday - see you tomorrow!  I'll be linking up with Freshly Pieced WiP Wednesday, our creative spaces player list and Happy Quilting's TNT Thursday.


Canadian Abroad said...

So pleased you like the name tag! Really looking forward to meeting you in a few eeks, and I shall Kat certainly look forward to collecting one of your Moo! cards.

Deborah said...

Those Moo cards are too cute! You ave lots going on! Fun!

Cherie said...

The name badge is so cute! Love the quilt preview! =D

Fiona said...

I keep thinking about those Moo cards ... they look like a great idea, but I've just never got round to it so far!

The name badge and pin cushion are really cute.