Tuesday 8 May 2012

Small Projects Sew Along

crazy mom quilts I know, I know.  I'm joining another sew-along!  The Small Projects Sew Along with crazy mom quilts.  But this one is perfect for me as I love to make small projects!  If you follow me regularly you will have seen some of the small items I've made [check out my Sewn Projects Flickr set] - so it only seems right to join in with the fun. 

Here is my list of small projects [in no particular order] that I hope* to make:
  1. Fold over flap button closure bags x5
  2. Needle case holder thing DONE
  3. Lanyard for scissors DONE
  4. Zakka Itty Bitty Magnets DONE
  5. Zakka Mug Rug DONE
  6. Play Mini Quilt DONE
  7. Zip Organiser
  8. Tweed Pouch
  9. Neckerchief thing
  10. Folding card wallet
  11. Shirt Bunny DONE
  12. Teapot hotpad 
  13. Mix Master hotpad 
*I do hope that I can make all of these yummy things as they are clogging my brain up so I want to cross them off and get them out of my head.  I might get a few done, I might get them all done - I have to the end of May so fingers crossed for me that I crack on :)

When I finish a project off my list I will cross it off and do a little cheer (thems the rules folks) and post the picture in crazy mom quilts' Flickr group.  Good stuff huh? 

And one last thing - I'm going to participate in Sew Mama Sews 'Giveaway Day'!  It all happens on [how convenient] my BIRTHDAY - the 21st of May! 

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

PS - I have some fugly fabrics to swap - check it out here :)

UPDATE - here is a picture of my completed Zakka Itty Bitty magnets:

I am linking my mini magnets up with Such a Sew and Sew's Stitch in Time May 2012 Finishes linky party :)


Cherie said...

Great list! Hope to see some of them in future posts =D

Charlotte said...

that's some list! good luck!

Kelly said...

That's a list an half!! Love the idea of the lanyard for scissors, but would probably do myself a grave injury with them ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, my goodness! Those mini magnets are darling! I love your fabric colors and the hand stitching is a perfect touch! Thanks so much for linking up! What a great little project.

xo -E