Thursday 17 May 2012

WiP Wednesday ~ loop-de-loop

It has been a busy week. 

On Sunday I went to a printmaking workshop with Lucie Summers - more about that another time!

On Monday I basted my Siblings Together quilt top and also spent quite a bit of time clipping the threads on the back of my Green-grey-teal-turquoise quilt top so I can get busy and finish that one too - hopefully by next weekend.  I know exacty what I will do for the back so I just need some time to make the back and work on it so that I can baste it together and finally quilt it.

Yay - the quilting is done!  Just need to square it up, put the label on and bind it.
On Tuesday I was ready to quilt the top.  It only took me 2 hours to quilt rows and rows of loop-de-loops on each horizontal band and some straight lines on each white sashing strip.  I haven't done a lot of free-motion-quilting (and not on large projects that's for sure!) and I certainly need a lot more practice before I can call myself a free-motion-quilter!  The effect is pretty cool and I love the wonky-ness of my loops, especially in contrast to the lovely straight lines separating them.  I think it will wash up really nice and have that lovely crinkly look.  I usually just do straight lines so hey - I tried something new :)     

Both of these projects need to be finished as soon as possible.  I plan on taking the Siblings quilt to the Fat Quarterly Retreat so I can give it to the charity rep who will be there to see and collect the quilts.  Eeek - I only have a couple of weeks to get everything done and ready!!  The other I need to get finished for the Quilter in the Gap Finish-Along

My URGENT list:
  • PhotobucketFriday I will be linking one of my quilts into the Bloggers Quilt Festival and decide which category to enter.  DONE
  • For Monday, I need to decide what to put in my give away on Give Away Day [May 21st - my birthday!!] which will be pretty cool - be sure to pop back and enter!!  DECIDED
  • Also due on Monday May 21st is my Play Mini Quilt linked with Sew Happy Geek. DONE but the link up is now next week
  • I'm super excited to tell you that I am participating in Plum & June's Let's get Acquainted Blog Hop on May 29th so pop back to my blog on the 29th for a tutorial!   
  • Fat Quarterly Retreat fold over flap bags with button closure!!  These are sooo going to be done last minute, aren't they!!?
  • My Precious Amy Butler quilt top being linked up later today DONE
Current WiP's:
  • Sew into Solids Blocks - 7 and 8 half finished/planned, block 9 still to do
  • Zakka Style Sew-Along - Itty Bitty magnets and Mug Rug completed DONE and have decided to not do the quilt next week's project
  • crazy mom quilts Small Project Sew Along - going well.  Have crossed off Scissor lanyard, Shirt Bunny, Mug Rug and Itty Bitty magnets SOME DONE
  • Bee Europa 2012/2013 block #1 to do for Pink Stitches
 Long term WiP's [no progress]:
  • Wonky log cabins
  • Wonky houses and trees
  • Wonky stars
UFO list [definitely no progress!]:
  • Mod Sampler quilt
  • Union Jack blocks
  • Half Square triangle mini quilt
  • Neckerchief thing
  • EPP Pencil case
Looks like a lot but I actually feel pretty good about my list as I have already crossed off five things this month with a few more to complete over the next few days!  If I wasn't busy I would probably watch far too much tv or cry, so my list is a good thing! 

I'll be linking up with Freshly Pieced WiP Wednesday and Happy Quilting's TNT Thursday.


Karen M said...

Congratulations on your success with FMQ on your quilt. Your list of things to do makes me tired just to read it.

Lucy | Charm About You said...

You're doing fmq so you already are a free motion quilter!! I'm sure it's fab!
I've not even started my Siblings Together quilt yet and plan on taking it to the retreat too so I really have to get a move on!!
There's so much going on, thanks for all the links and reminders :)
That is a long list but I'm glad it stops you from crying!! xxx

Cherie said...

Congratulations on the FMQ! Wow that is a long list! I hope you make some more progress by then end of the month =D

Melissa Corry said...

Great FMQ!!! Way to go!!!

Marsha Cooper said...

I think the word for my long term WIP's is....ready to be finished when Marsha gets around to it!
I have several projects cut and ready to sew, it's pathetic.
I didn't know Toyota made a sewing machine :)
I have absolutely no idea how to machine quilt.
My machine is small for one thing, but others say I can still do it with a lot of scrunching.