Sunday, 4 January 2015

Catching up with my belated thank you's

I certainly have neglected my blog for a while now.  Sorry for that!  I am attempting to get caught up and share with you all the things that have been going on recently but these things take time...apparently!  I blame Instagram!!  And the full moon in September!

  • Thank you to Lisa of In the Boon Docks and Fat Quarter Shop for sending me an awesome "Sew What" pink t-shirt and 4 mini charm packs from a giveaway on Lisa's blog!!  I WILL eventually get a picture of me in the t-shirt - I promise!
  • Carrie of believemagic sent me a wonderful mini quilt called Disco Girl.  I won this in her Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day/Week along with a Creative Girl Art Quilt and pattern pack.
    Picture from
Picture from

  • Rachel of mammafairy sews, a fellow HipBee member, threw me a lifeline when I posted about my sewing difficulties at making a Burda tunic.  She offered to save the day and finish my tunic for me!  I had truly abandoned it thinking it would be the most expensive sewing fail to date, so I took up her offer in a flash!  Rachel finished it beautifully - and returned it to me with a pincushion and some needles too!   So very kind - thank you Rachel.  [picture will be added soon]
  • Lucy of Charm About You drew my name for a £100 gift certificate to Wayfair several months ago  Thank you so much!  I managed to spend my certificate on this realllly cool storage thing!
Gallery Langton Wire Double Storage Rack
Picture from Wayfair
  • Thank you Heather and Megan of  Quilt Story for the three baby patterns sent to me in September - I am going to be very busy once I get my sew-jo back, sewing all these amazing things! 
  • In the A Lovely Year of Finishes July, I won a Clover & Violet Lucy Hobo purse pattern - thank you so much!
  • July was a lucky month because I also won the Celestial Star pattern.  I watched Diane's sew-along with interest and plan to make my own Celestial Star one day!
So, here we are in 2015 and I am just starting to get a bit of a sewing done.  Feels really good to be making a mess again!  I will catch up with what I accomplished October, November and December SOON!

Happy New Year!


HillyFilly said...

I love how honest you are... I am with you on all of this..

grapes and hearts said...

Happy and healthy New Year, Amy! Welcome back to the blogiverse (although I have been absent since july myself... hmmm. I knew I 'd skip blogging if I started instagramming). But I try to be better this year :)

Indianna said...

A lovely haul, I especially like the quilt kit for the disco girl, such a good idea to create something original with a helping hand.