Sunday, 14 July 2013

Happy homes, tall trees

More wonky more wonky!!

Thank you to Charlotte for these two awesome homes for my village:
My phone hasn't captured how awesome the colours are - that is a purple house on the right!.

And thank you to Heidi for growing these unique trees for my village (and she sent me some gorgeous fabrics to add to the village too) :

What is this all about?  Check out my original post HERE to see what the heck I am up to (and maybe make me a wonky house or wonky tree too?)!!

Also, thank you to Vicky of Generation Q who sent some 'scraps' as part of her January Throw Down.  She sent scraps to over 100 people worldwide and I was one of them!  Thanks Vicky - I will use them in the charity quilts that the LMQG are making!

And one more thing to show you - this fab book by Katy Jones of Monkey Do [I'm a Ginger Monkey]:

Here is the block I want to do first:

I was lucky to attend Katy's half square triangle sampler class at the Village Haberdashery a month or so ago and Katy shared with us that her book was out and she was so kind to give me a copy of the book AND sign it for me too!  THANK YOU Katy - for a great class and a wonderful book :) 

I've been spending more time on Flickr these days than on the blog so check out my Flickr stream (located on the right hand sidebar) if you want to see what I have been sewing.

Happy SUNNY Sunday!!


tubakk said...

So fun. I can't wait to see what you will do with those trees and houses.

gilly said...

Your village is going to be sooo fab - looking forward to seeing it all built!

Tammy said...

Will be fun when you start to put them all together

Charlotte said...

It's going to look fantastic! Can't wait :-)

Di said...

Looking forward to seeing how you put all those little trees and houses together. Di x

Unknown said...

I love this ... Gilly told me about Wonky and it does look like its going to be fabulous!! xxx