Saturday, 13 July 2013


Last year at retreat, Moo cards were all the rage and I have nearly run out of my first order of 100.  During my prep for retreat I decided that I should probably order some more Mini Moo cards. I downloaded a few images and presto, a few days later I have received my cards:

They are a bit darker than I hoped but I still love them.  I hope to give a few out at retreat again this year!  My preps are coming along but I will no doubt be packing things last minute, just as I did last year!!!

Happy sunny Saturday!


Unknown said...

Ooooooh I have been looking at Moo recently, would you recommend them then? They do look fabulous!! x

Clare Mansell said...

You are more disciplined than me, I always order more before I actually get to the end of the last order!

Pennie said...

I got mine this week too, and like you, was a bit disappointed by how dark they are - white looks more like grey. Can't wait to play moo swap with you :-)

Di said...

I haven't got my act together on these yet. Save one of yours for me, pleeease. Di x