Sunday, 9 September 2012

Penultimate Zakka

Zakka entered my life in April of this year.  That's only five months ago but if feels like I have always had Zakka in my life!  I have loved making the projects in the book and have enjoyed following along with this 'Style-Along' - my first follow along!  I don't often buy craft books but there were quite a few projects in this particular book that pulled me in.  And the linen looked lovely...  I was hooked! 

So this week it was the "Happy Garland Message Board" using an embroidery hoop.  I think it is pretty cute and now I have something little to go on my little wall in my sewing room/closet/office area.

The book has beautiful and fun projects but a lot of silly errors and definitely not enough diagrams (I am a visual learner) but that didn't stop me from making 16 of the 24 projects listed!  I skipped the first project [tote with scary triangles] and went straight to the Zakka House pouch.  It was the first time I had ever used linen and I loved it!!  Plus I got to use buttons -- I love buttons!!  It was fun being creative and being brave to modify the embellishments and to see what everyone else was making too!! 

My favourites {I love these}:
The Orchard Path Pouch, the Pencil Case and Little Red Zakka bear

My most used projects {I love these too!!}:
House pouch and Sewing Kit

The most difficult/challenging:
Zakka Zip Organiser

I have jumped ahead of next week and made the small square basket [the other side and inside have swear words on it as it was made for my Sailor Mouth Swap secret partner]

And there you have it - just a little Zakka summary.  I will be linking up my Happy Garland Message Board to LR Stitched.  Fingers crossed!!

Happy Zakka-ing!!!

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Charlotte said...

I agree - there are some really cute projects in the book but definitely not enough pictures!

Kelly said...

Your Zakka projects are gorgeous Amy!

Di said...

You have been very disciplined to work your way through the books. You have made some lovely projects a long the way. Di x

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Ive still only made the pin cushion wrappy thing - great job doing so many! I have my zip organizer cut but the lack of pics is putting me off starting it, lol! Love your sailors item, very cool :o)

Cherie said...

Wow I can't believe it all started back in April! Time has flown by. You've made such great Zakka items. =D