Monday 9 April 2012

Sew Into Solids - update

It's still Monday.. here is post #2.  
Sew into Solids

I got out my Modern Blocks book and made 'Stuck in the Middle' from page 84 using my delicious Kona solids.  Ash grey is my favourite at the moment!  These colours can also be found in my green-grey-turquoise-teal quilt top.   

One thing I'm learning by working on this Sew Into Solids Flickr project is that solids show the 'not so good' sewing up more than patterned fabrics do!  Patterned fabrics mean that the seams sort of blend in with one another - on solids they are accentuated!  It still looks nice but one side got slightly stretched when I was sewing so it looks off to me (and especially in this photo!).  Never mind, I know for next time!  

Here are my four completed blocks together.  Not sure the white with orange, purple, navy and deep red suits pairing with the other blocks so it may become part of another project!  They aren't Kona anyways.  This is Week 5 so I am still one block behind.  I'm getting there - slow and steady wins the race!  

Four blocks done for my Sew Into Solids project.
I really love the block that Jane from sew create it has done - check it out here.  I love the bright happy red and sharp crisp white.  Very nice!!  Wish I had picked different colours now...

Ok, I'm off to try to do the Week 2 Zakka project - and I'm linking up with Sew Many Ways sew darn crafty link party.  What are you busy working on?


Cherie said...

It is rather funny with certain colours, some blend nicely and others you think "What was I thinking!" Love the blocks you've made!

I've been hand sewing Snap pouches and Hexies =D

Charlotte said...

looking great!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Those blocks are looking fab...I love the ash grey too plays so nicely with your colours :o)

Well done for getting 4 blocks are putting me to shame! I've got to get cracking!