Monday 2 April 2012

First Monday in April - pin cushion

Monday is a busy day for me generally.  It is also a catch-up day.  I try to get caught up with all the things I should have done over the weekend... Like the dreaded vacuuming.  I managed to vacuum at lunch today - nearly broke it because it sucked up two elastic bands and they got stuck in the roller wheel and it started to smell and squeal so I turned it off and got the bits of elastic out.  Not brave enough to start it to see if it is working so I just stuck it back in the cupboard!  THEN, just now when I picked Mr Crafty Shenanigans up from the tube station, he/we managed to WRECK edge of the passenger side door.  Door edge all sticking out, handle not functioning...looks bad...looks expensive.  Geesh - not a good afternoon so far.  Is there a full moon soon??  Anyways, I'm shaking it off, shaking it off... trying to shake it off...deep breath in, and exhale counting 10-9-8-7-6-5...4...3... 2 and 1.  Ok, smiling again [sort of].

So back to sewing!  Aren't distractions wonderful?  Here is a picture of my [almost] finished extra-large pin cushion from the tutorial over at Sew Paint Create.  I wanted to make something scrappy and big and I bumped into this tutorial so had to make it.  I was painfully (yes, real pain - and blood!) aware that I did not have a pin cushion yesterday when I took some fabric and pins to our LMQG meeting and did some EPP.  I kept stabbing myself with my pins which were not stuck in a nice big pin cushion.  A few things left to do - sew the bottom on and put some cardboard in, buy some stuffing and stuff it, then hand sew the opening closed.  Wah-lah!  I've never made a pin cushion before - what stuffing would you recommend? 

And that's my first [almost] finished item of April.  Scores for me - 1 nearly finished item, 1 maybe broken vacuum and 1 definitely broken car door.  Hmmph.  
Another photo using indoor light... The colours on the pin cushion are not yellowy but amazing and vibrant!
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Oh - one last thing!  There I was catching up on my HOMELAND tv program episodes and I saw a quilt hanging on the wall in Claire Danes' cabin!  How cool - "I see quilts" ...everywhere!!


Charlotte said...

aieeee - I hope the car isn't as expensive as it looks!

Cherie said...

For stuffing I've been using small offcuts from my wadding that are spare...or the other day I bought a large pillow form and used the stuffing from inside that, was much cheaper than buying it online =D

Deborah said...

Sewing is the BEST distraction and it sounds like you needed a good dose of it! Very cute pincushion!