Sunday 29 January 2012

Treats for myself

Well, I decided enough was enough and that I should replace my Olfa rotary cutting mat with a new (and BIGGER) one, since the one I was using was small and cut to shreads and is about as old as I am.  The Quilt Room had sent a message saying there would be a free 'something' included with each order placed over the weekend so I did!  It was also free shipping on orders over 50 quid so I am a happy girl with treats on the way!  Oh yah - it was payday as well (so I had to buy myself something, right?)!!!  I'll take a photo of my treats when they arrive!  [I have eventually added the photo of my purchases - see top photo]

In the meantime, here are some photos of a few more of my Wonky stars to make you (hopefully) smile! 

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