Monday, 16 January 2012

2011 - a crafty year in review

Well, in 2011 I managed to make more than I thought I had and even created several gifts for several people.  I kept the pottery pieces - not good enough to give away (yet).  Here is a list of what I managed to make (in no order and with only a few photos):
  • Mystery Quilt - gift for sister
  • Stoneware bowl with blue squiggle, green pencil pot, white flower vase
  • Stoneware blue rectangular dish, colourful dish, white Welcome sign
  • Stoneware Christmas ornaments
  • 9 Wonky stars (quilt blocks - not a quilt YET)
  • 7 Wonky houses (quilt blocks - not a quilt YET)
  • Felt dachshund dog
  • 2 sets of oven mits (pattern from Mad About Patchwork)
  • 2 Dish Detergent Bottle Aprons

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