Sunday, 1 March 2015

Destashing (for Jax's vet bill)

In September, I started a challenge to myself and called it #amysMinimalistChallenge.  I set a goal of ten things to do and they ranged from clearing out the coat and shoe closet, getting the garden in order and parting with fabric in my stash that I will probably never use or have fallen out of love with.

Today I am continuing that challenge and having another clear out because poor little Jax went to the vet yesterday and spent the night on an intravenous drip to get him rehydrated and his glucose levels back up.  I just spoke with the vet and he needs to stay in another night.  I hate to see him so poorly and I myself nearly fainted when I saw the £ bill and there is no way I will be able to afford it unless I do a destash!

If you are interested in anything listed below, please let me know in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP.  I am open to offers as well!  For payment, please "Friends & Family Paypal" me - I will give you my Paypal address in my reply.

If you are not in the UK and are interested, let me know and I can let you know postage to another country.

Here are the items I hope to sell:

Birch Avalon by Jay-Cyn ORGANIC - Half metre with selvage
£4 plus 61p UK postage
Avalon Squares - Avalon - Jay-Cyn for Birch Organic Fabrics

 GeoGrand by Daisy Janie - 5 ORGANIC fat quarters
£14 plus £1.06 UK postage

GeoGrand by Daisy Janie - 1 metre of ORGANIC Ogee
£9.00 plus £1.06 UK postage

Briar Rose by Heather Ross - 20 fat quarters
£54 plus £2.90 UK postage 

Dear Stella Purple Dot - Half yard piece with selvage
SOLD £4 plus 61p UK postage

Geisha in Bliss by Pat Bravo Indie Collection ART GALLERY FABRICS - one 1.5 metre piece with selvage writing!
SOLD £12 plus 1.06 UK postage

Timeless Treasures Sketch - Half yard with selvage (coordinates perfectly with the Geisha fabric shown above - just sayin') 
SOLD £4 plus 61p UK postage


More later folks!!!!  Thanks for looking!


Mara said...

I hope Jax feels better soon.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Poor Jax (and you!), I hope he feels better soon - does the vet know why he's so poorly? Take care and good luck with the destash!

mammafairy said...

Poor Jax, and poor old you! You will have to send him out washing doorsteps when he is better!

Mary Ann said...

We just went through something similar with our Greyhound. He got a terrible wound and spent 4 nights at the vet. He is in the slow road to recovery.

quirkyhannah said...

Oh no poor Jax. Hope he's better soon!
I'll keep my eye out for later then but happily take the sketch.

pennydog said...

Oh poor Jax! If you have any orange or navy blenders going give me a shout!

pennydog said...
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pennydog said...
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pennydog said...
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pennydog said...
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Helen Lay said...

Hi Amy,

Yesterday morning I left a comment saying I'd be interested in the Geisha fabric, sketch and the purple dots. I did it on my mobile and it say it had been submitted but don't know where it ended up - if they're still available I'll take those three (or any of them that still are). Thanks Helen

LethargicLass said...

So sorry to hear about Jax hon! I know how much it sucks for a) them to be sick and b) to have to deal with a crazy bill... lots of love and hugs!

Lisa said...

I hope Jax is feeling better,