Monday 29 December 2014

Nesting Boxes

Aneela Hoey not only designs fabric but she creates patterns too!  She asked me if I would be a pattern tester (ages and ages ago) and I said YES PLEASE!! 

I made a set of Nesting Boxes and they turned out fabulous!!  What a clever pattern!!!  Very easy to follow with great diagrams.  This was my first time using Fast2Fuse and I loved the firm result!  Perfect for these boxes.

You can put ANYTHING in these boxes!  Spools of thread, Sharpie markers, pins, zippers, candy....

These would make perfect gifts for teachers, neighbours or for the hard-to-give-to men in your life.  They can be coin, cuff link and key catchers!  I made mine in gender neutral/masculine fabrics.

I am not sure what Aneela will be doing with her PDF patterns in her Etsy shop come January 1st 2015 when the EU VAT mess begins, so I recommend that you purchase this pattern ASAP if you want it! 

Thank you Aneela for letting me test this pattern - it is brilliant!!

Nesting boxes PDF pattern
Image from Etsy/comfortstitching


Nicole said...

I love these little boxes! You are right that there are so many ways to use them. Cute and practical!

Lisa said...

I went to get the pattern because you made them look so cute and it is shut down. I think our community maybe going threw a crisis because of the EU. I don't really understand except someone said you have to pay the EU 20% sound strange to me.