Monday, 22 September 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Welcome to [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans - the next stop on the 'Around the World Blog Hop'.  Thank you to Lisa of In the Boon Docks and to Kelly of jeliquilts for asking me to participate in this get-to-know-you blog hop! 

Hello - my name is Amy and I am a start-a-holic.  Yes, I am a serial starter.  A magpie of starting shiny new projects before the other projects are finished.

What am I working on?
The easiest answer would be what am I NOT working on?!  Seriously - I currently have 16 quilts in various stages of 'being made', several partially started zippy pouches, a dozen pincushions waiting for my attention, Block of the Month blocks to make, bee quilts to sew together etc etc.  Here is a picture of the fox that I machine appliqued to the front of a Reusable Grocery Bag for my secret partner in The_Fox Swap:

Kip & Fig Fox pattern
 How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I don't even know what that question really means so my answer would be that I consider myself a crafter.  I love trying new crafts and learning new skills.  Last year I tried rag rug making.  I love working with beads.  I make found-object sculptures.  I like to up-cycle.  I have done bookbinding, pottery classes, card making, scrap booking, felting, jewellery making, welding, printmaking - and I love it all!!  Next on my list is weaving.  I need to retire (please note:  I am still more than 25 years away from retirement) so I can fill my days with all the things I want to try!

Some of the books I have made
Why do I create what I do? 
I NEED to be busy.  I NEED to create.  My hands NEED to be busy doing something therefore I make schtuff.  This is why I join in so many swaps and volunteer to be a pattern tester!!  I have a restless mind so having a project - any project - to occupy my thoughts can often help me focus and tame that restless energy!!  I bake if I'm not being arty farty or crafty.  But then again, if I am not baking, swapping, sewing or crafting, I am on the internet pinning on Pinterest, drooling over images on IG, looking at fabric or planning my next shiny new project!  I make a lot of lists and piles. 'Nuf said.  

Wonky Houses and Trees
I started the blog so my family could see what I was working on.  They are in Canada and I am in England.  I had no idea that this creative on-line quilting and sewing community would be my source of finding and meeting some of my best pals.   For that I am truly thankful!  [waves at everyone] 

Big Bear pattern by TartanKiwi

How does my creating process work?
Hmmm - difficult question!  My head is so full of all the things I see on IG, Flickr, Pinterest, from books, from the things I see around me, that they all melt into each other and eventually I NEED to make something. However, my creative process can also depend on a deadline!!  If it is a quilt-along, the deadline keeps me motivated.  Swap projects and pattern testing are the same - a deadline set by someone else is important!  The rest of the time I am all over the place, creating whatever and whenever I feel like it.  I switch from project to project, not completing anything unless it is a swap item or something for a link up!

My Citrus Triangle quilt from the Triangle Along
There you have it!  That is me. 

Artist Trading Card swap
I am happy to direct you to rainbow-mad Kelly of Jeliquilts, for your next stop on the Around the World Blog Hop.

Wonky Churn Dash and textile with wire bird

Thanks for stopping by!
Amy x


Bouts Choisis said...

Wow! An amazing range of creativity! Where do you purchase those days with 48 hours in each one? Lynne.

Susan Snooks said...

I've loved reading all the answers to these questions! One common thread I see is the need to create! It is like breathing.... Your Big Bear is wonderful!

Charlotte said...

*waves back*

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Amy I had to laugh because you sound so much like me! I too am a start-a-holic!!!! LOL!!!!! I'll bet I have way more than 16 projects going right now myself, some are years and years old. I too get it done when I have to because I am pattern testing or swapping something. I totally get you with all the creative things swimming around in your head all the time and your need to create and keep your hands busy...that's so me too!!!! I'm so glad to know that I am not alone in my approach to creating.

LethargicLass said...

waving back madly!!

Izzy said...

Such a fun post! I really enjoyed reading more about you. :-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great seeing the stitched cute!

alice findlay said...

foxy is so pretty, lovely!

tubakk said...

I love your blog, and you inspire me a lot. Thank you! By the way; sweet fox.

moira said...


Lisa said...

I love who you are and what a talented writer you are! I thought yu where describing me there for a minute. It makes me happy to call you friend! Your package was mailed yesterday - charms are coming! The grandbaby is here running me in 50 directions. I should have been here sooner!