Monday 23 June 2014

Hello Canada - I am here

Yes - I am in my motherland.  I have no internet on my phone and have found that not having access to my emails, BBM and Instagram is driving me insane.  I can't even do the daily spin on Candy Crush!!!!  Disaster, I know!!

My rental car is a Fiat 500 soft top so I have been driving from Kinburn to Arnprior with the roof down and the radio on!  My hair is now a mess and has been wind-whipped into knots but I sure am enjoying the flat, long stretches of pothole-free roads.

**Just a quick check in to tell Katy that I can't wait to meet her tomorrow along with the rest of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild - I am so excited!!  See you at 7:15pm or so right?

Since I have no way to share any pictures with you from my camera at the moment, here is a picture of something I have been craving and can now finally purchase here in Canada:

I never did understand why they are called Swedish Berries but boy oh boy they are "gud".

Happy Monday to you all wherever you are!


Britt-Inger said...

I am from Sweden and we don´t have candies like that. So I don´t understand the name either.
Enjoy your stay

Izzy said...

Welcome home! :-). Enjoy your stay.

Leanne said...

Have a good holiday. There are many free wifi zones and ask in all the restaurants and coffee places.

pennydog said...

WiFi is why Timmy's exists right? If you do happen to pop into one and they have Lattes for Tassimo machines I will pay you royally for bringing them back to Blighty for me ;)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm so jealous!! Have a wonderful time!! and enjoy the Canadian goodies!!