Tuesday 22 April 2014

Pay it Forward confession

In 2013 I signed up for a couple of Pay It Forwards.  One of them was a Flickr Pay it Forward that we each promised to send a hand-made surprise sometime in 2013. 

Tonight I was having a little tidy-up and I found the list of names that I need to send a surprise to [and also the person that should have sent me something but didn't]!  I am such a bad person - I missed the 2013 deadline by almost 5 months.  Eeeek - I am so sorry!   

This was the image on Flickr:

So I am now busy sewing and will make and send some 'Pay it Forward hand-made surprises' to my lovely and very patient pals.  I hope what I send will make up for the extra long wait!  Also, I will need to get current snail mail addresses from Teri/craktpot, Adriana/PatchworkDailyDesire and Amelie/Amelie Whirlygiggles please. 

I hope to hear from you soon ladies - I am looking forward to sewing for you!

Amy x


Lori K said...

I signed up to do this on FB - To make sure that I remembered, I put them on a sticky note on my desk at work. I have two done and four left for 2014!

mammafairy said...

I also did this a while ago, but, I think one of my recipients did not realise what she was signing up for, as she never did get around to paying forward- or even saying she would..

I think a bit of leeway is fine, as long as no-one feels hard done by in the end. It is a good idea, but does not always work out!

Kay said...

They will just be thrilled that you remembered and made them something.xx

Indianna said...

I've still one to make, I'm sure that the lateness will be forgiven, and how annoying that you didn't receive anything :o(

Tricia said...

Some times Life gets in the way. ;) So we forgive ya...