Sunday 5 January 2014

Q4 2013 FAL summary (and one last link up)

Well... I listed 25 things [crazy talk I know] on my Q4 2013 FAL list.  How many did I complete?  I completed SIX of my 25 listed!  Not as many as I thought I could get done but at least it is six things less to drag over to 2014 with me right!?  Here they are:

3.  Shaggy Edge' boy' quilt - cutting is all done, need to sew the 3 layers together for each square then figure out the layout and sew it all together, wash and dry, wash and dry, and wash and dry again!
DONE - and SOLD!

6.  X Factor pillow - cut, sew and submit.  I have the stack of low volume prints already (but I have to keep the rest of the fabric a secret) and I have the pattern - just have to make it now!
DONE - and my recipient loves it!

7.  "Winter" themed mini quilt - design, sew and submit.
DONE - hard to photograph the hand stitching and silver metallic thread french knots but here it is

8.  "I love London" Noodlehead Divided Basket - finish this project as it has been cut out waiting for me to sew it for far too long.
DONE - yay finally!

23.  A STACK [and I mean a HUGE STACK] of orphan blocks including R2D2, a butterfly, some red mugs, loads of log cabins, solids blocks and these double wonky churns.
DONE - plus I donated 9 blocks to a lady named Barb so she can use them in charity quilts!

**And finally, my last finished entry for the linkup:

24.  Trim the Tree Ornaments - complete four ornaments
DONE - and I made more than four!  Once I started I couldn't stop!  I love handmade Christmas ornaments!

Linking to the Q4 2013 FAL at She Can Quilt and busy preparing my Q1 list.  THANK YOU Leanne for hosting 2013's finish a along! 

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Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You did great - but 25!? Crazy woman xxx

Pennie said...

25 sounds like the sort of list I would come up with! Working on. My FAL q1list at the moment.

Turid said...

You did a great job. I love your X factor pillow.

Izzy said...

Great job on getting 6 things off the list! They all look awesome. :-)

Canadian Abroad said...

Seriously good work there!

Leanne said...

You did so well, I love the ornaments and I especially love the pillow with the trees. I might have to make something like that one.